Native advertising, what is it and how does it work?

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SEM · 13 / 06 / 2019

The way to advertise is changing. And it is that the Internet users are very demanding and selective when choosing the content that we want to consume.

More and more is the way to do invasive advertising, where banners and pop-ups invaded computer screens, preventing many times Enjoy a good user experience.

As a result of developments in the field of advertising, in recent years we have witnessed a New way to make known our brand, through native advertising.

Today I want to talk about it, the native advertising, how you can include it in your digital marketing plans, and What are the benefits that brings to your brand this way of reaching the users.

Let’s start!

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is an advertising technique based on Include promotional messages within an online media, But adapting both in the form and in the functionality of the environment in which they are included.

In other words, it avoids the intrusive techniques of classical advertising for the benefit of Capturing the user’s attention Without him just perceiving it.

This is a very positive thing for companies, because when advertising or promotional content is not identified by the user as such, The probability of increasing the conversion rate of your website increases significantly.

Something very striking within the native advertising is that it is not perceived as such. Being integrated into the environment, It respects the format and the editorial style of the medium where it appears.

However, for ethical reasons, native advertising always has to show clearly that this is a sponsored content.

It is clear that native advertising maintains the same goal as any other way of advertising. Seeks to generate engagement in users through concrete actions, But with the peculiarity that they are solutions that do not generate distrust to the Internet users.

The impact of native advertising

Something fundamental that you should take into account when doing native advertising, is that no longer is worth any headline and/or content. HerePlays a fundamental role the copywriting you apply in the advertisements promoted Within the native advertising.

Do not forget that this way of advertising integrates your ad within the format of the media where it is appearing. One of the objectives that you have to mark with the native advertising, is that The user perceives your content as something complementary to the text that you are already reading.

We don’t like to be sold anything;On the contrary, when we make the decision to buy, one of the key factors that lead us to that moment is the sense of power we feel when choosing, in making the decision.

Therefore, Native advertising has to be user-focused. Empathize first with the Internet user understanding what their needs, to then be able to offer your product and/or service. I mean, you have to build trust in your potential client.

It is for this reason that the copywriting plays a fundamental role in the native advertising. And although the first contact with your brand does not derive in a purchase, or any other action that you have raised, the grounds that leave the native advertising is very important.

Because a good content, A content that contributes value will always remain in the memory of your leads; And this can translate into sales in the future. I mean, with native advertising you’re creating branding.

I’m going to provide you with a very revealing tip. According to the surveys carried out by the Online Publishers Association (OPA)53% of users feel more attracted to native advertisingthan by the more traditional means of the advertisers.

No doubt, this encouraging fact comes at a time when They were beginning to win the battle the publicity blockers On the part of the users. To give you an idea, these have increased by 92% since the year 2014.

This information reveals to us that Internet users do want publicity, but we want quality and without being intrusive. And this is what gets native advertising, provide a pleasant user experience with quality content, and confidence to be buying the best product and/or service.

In short, the Native advertising has a very positive impact for both the brand and the user. On the one hand, the user does not feel rejection towards advertising because it offers a content that interests him.

And, on the other hand, The Advertiser company has the opportunity to develop the history of its brand in a much more extensive, and more quality, than with traditional advertising banners.

The benefits of native advertising

Now that you know the impact that native advertising has for both users and you, as a company, I will show you the Benefits it gives you This innovative and effective way to advertise:

  • Best Market Segmentation: Through native ads you get to the public that is interested in your product and/or service. This is an important advantage because You don’t have to invest so much money in your advertising campaigns.

In addition, it is the users themselves who come to your company. It is certainly a very interesting source of traffic, as well as economic because it tends to have a Very small CPC.

  • Best User experience: Remember that with native advertising you are not interrupting the user’s reading on the website where you include your ad. Therefore,It is he who decides to access your content.

This has very positive consequences for your company. In the first place, it is Reinforcing your brand reputation. Also, if the user feels that you are exceeding their expectations with your content, be sure that it is easy to share it in their social networks.

Therefore, it is Easier to trigger a viral response With the native advertising that with the traditional way of advertising.

  • You know your target better: A very interesting advantage of the native advertising is the information that it gives you in a continuous way. Allows you Analyze the different reactions of the users To the content you publish. This helps you to improve your communication strategies, which will make it more and more effective.
  • Reinforce your sales funnel:Don’t forget that the target of the native advertising is not the direct sale of your products and/or services. You must focus native ads on Attract users who begin to show interest in your brand, Through attractive content and give them value.

So a good way to focus on native advertising is to see it as a way to Create audiences with which you will be able to do re-targeting campaigns That will guide users to the path of becoming loyal customers of your brand.

3 examples of native advertising that are currently working

Exist Multiple ways to do native advertising. But in the end, there are always a few that are very effective, well because they are very well defined their marketing strategies, either because they like more users and become fashionable.

In any case, I’m going to show you three examples of how to do native advertising that work, and they do it very well:

  • Branded Content: it is the most widely used native advertising method of late, especially on social networks like Instagram. It consists of the Elaboration of a content by an influencer, That publishes and disseminates in its account of this well-known social network; and is sponsored by the brand.

Another very common way of doing branded content is through aSponsored post. For example, in a media you can post a content that talks about your brand’s products.

Remember to make no mention of the direct sale of your products and/or services. An example that works very well is to take advantage of the products you sell to make a shopping guide.

This way of doing native advertising is very effective because You’re generating confidence Through an influential person or a media in which many people already trust.

  • Native Display Ads: This type of native advertising is adapted 100% to the environment where it appears. It is shown through search engines, apps or blogs. And although the legend of “sponsored content” appears, it is not intrusive for the user, since it does not hinder the reading of the site.

The way you can do a native display ads can be promotional, or else Directing the reader to a landing Where the content is.

  • Content ads: Here you show your native advertising as a Content sponsored by your brand within another blog or media. It is important that you take into account the importance of including this native advertising within the media of your sector.

And the objective of this content ads is no other than to attract readers to your website with the Goal of converting them into leads; From this herd you will be able to implement lead nurturing strategies, so that they continue to knowing and move on to the next phase of your sales funnel.

Are you sure what kind of native advertising you apply to your marketing campaigns? If you have doubts about the efficiency in its different formats, put yourself in the hands of our company.

In Digital Menta We have a team of experts that analyze and study the best campaign of native advertising that will return a high CTR, with a high probability of conversion.


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