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SEM · 26 / 01 / 2016

There’s life beyond AdWords! Today we present an advertising platform with which we have the pleasure of working for a while: PAN My Ads.

This network allows us to expand market for some advertisers who already have the search network and are not getting good results in the Display network, or want to try new platforms to analyze their profitability.

It is a digital advertising network of the type Display, which serves ads in Publisher sites under the content of an article:

PAN MyAds Ads

PAN ads under an entry in the Economist

All the ads have the same format. As you can see, it is a small image that accompanies a text: a title and two descriptive lines.

Media Network

Within the advantages of using this platform is the portfolio of supports, in which we find well-known means: The Vanguard, the world, MARCA, 10 MINUTES and QUO, among many more. This generates a lot of confidence, because we know quite well the media in which the ads are published, unlike in AdWords, where you have to constantly monitor the quality of the sites where our ads are published 👿

Method of orientation in the network of BREAD

The orientation method of advertisements in the PAN advertising network is contextual, through keywords. In the ad groups we include keywords that we believe could appear in an article that would read a user of our target. To facilitate the work, the interface has a tool that allows us to extract keywords from a given article, so we can get guidance ideas if we know the type of articles that our target audience would read. The machine does the match and the magic is served.

Structure of campaigns in the advertising network PAN

Although the structure is quite similar to the one we have in AdWords, the nomenclature is somewhat different. So, we have:

  • Advertising folder: It would correspond to the level Account in AdWords. In the case of the agencies, an Advertising Folder would be used by customer.
  • Media Plans: at this level we can define a media plan for the client, reserving some specific places to publish the ads. We don’t tell you more about this because we haven’t tried it yet 😳  but I’m sure we will soon.
  • Campaigns : they are campaigns. Here we would establish the dates of release and completion, the budget and the capping.
  • Advertisements: or ad groups. Within each advertisement are defined the keywords and ads that we want to activate. We can also schedule hours, exclude devices and set geographic orientation at this level.

Type of campaigns

There are two different campaign models, according to The Advertiser’s objective:

  • Coverage Campaign: It is interesting for advertisers who want a high media impact, more oriented to generate impacts than to generate conversions. It may be the case of big brands in which direct sales online is not the core of the business, but they need to measure equally the results of your branding, for example: Coca Cola or Nike.
  • Performance Campaign: is aimed at generating direct response, is suitable for advertisers who have focus on results, who want to get conversions with their campaigns. Today, it is the model of campaigns that we are currently using in Digital Menta For the needs of our customers.

Payment model of the PAN advertising network

The PAN My Ads Advertising network is paid per click, both in coverage campaigns and in performance campaigns. Although the impact is often very high (many impressions) only charge is generated when the user clicks on the ad.

There are minimal CPCs, it is something that should be asked when starting a campaign, because it can vary your performance estimates. In our case, the minimum CPC has been quite similar to the one we had in AdWords for the same client.

Situations in which to use My PAN Ads

  • Exhaustion of the search network: Your campaigns are not limited by budget and you can not expand more without damaging the profitability.
  • Poor performance in AdWords Display: Too many lost impressions in fraudulent or low quality sites and few conversions.
  • Target audience known and specific, the so-definite support portfolio of PAN helps us to meet our target.
  • Proof of profitability : It is ALWAYS advisable to open to new options in advertising, it will help us to diversify our portfolio and analyse which means we are most profitable. [Tweet “Although #AdWords or #Facebook are working for you, try @PanSpain you may be surprised!”]

Other interface features

In addition to our own tools for campaign management and optimisation, which we will discuss later, PAN has a reporting tab in which we have several options to play with the metrics.

Red PAN Reports

PAN Interface Reporting Tool

We can see the performance of our campaigns in depth and breakdown the results in months, weeks, days and even hours with it.

What could be better in the PAN advertising network?

We’ll also tell you some aspects in which we believe they have a field of improvement, but we have to say that they are so nice and applied that insurance is already working on them:

  • Cannot see conversions by keyword. This is a nuisance when it comes to optimising. But in a next post we’ll give you some tricks so you don’t lose your head.
  • The platform is technically a little green, although it is something we have seen improve in the time we have been working with them 6 months of dating already 😎
  • Some changes are heavy to run and we don’t have massive editing options that are very necessary to save time if we work with big customers.

In the next chapter, a success story with which we will learn to optimize on this platform, stay tuned 😉


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