Optmyzr: 8 functions to optimize your campaigns and save time

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Mauro Sorolla

SEM · 21 / 11 / 2019

There are currently multiple tools whose aim is to help you manage your advertising or that of your clients, allowing you to improve the performance of the account with optimization tasks and at the same time save time in the process. Optmyzr is one of them, and if you are a PPC professional it can be of great help in your Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts.

Below, we explain the most recent features that has incorporated Optmyzr and those that we use on a recurring basis in the agency and that help us improve day by day, and that will surely help you get the most out of your advertising.

The 5 new tools of Ad Management of Optmyzr

1 – PPC Policy and Audits

Whether you work with your clients’ advertising accounts or with your own business, you must carry out periodic inspections in order to check the efficiency and possible problems that the account to be able to optimize and improve over time.

In Optmyzr, within Insights > PPC Policy and Audits, you have the possibility to quickly create an audit about the current situation. In addition, you can customize it based on your needs since it allows you to edit the contrasted information at different levels:

  • Account
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Advanced Orientation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Extensions
  • Performance

That means, you have free choice of metrics such as cost , quality levels, number of ads per campaign and total keywords with the highest loss of search impressions, among others. For example, you can tell him to analyze the ad groups with a quality level below 5, 6 or the value you consider, as well as tell him that, if more than one percent of the ads have duplicate titles, he tells you as a warning

Insights de Optmyzr

You can always preview it and download it when you have it ready with a click.

You also have the possibility to make instant reports of different periods of time, where you can collect data such as key metrics of conversions, quality level, performance (by devices and search engines), weekly trends, campaigns and search terms with higher conversion value , what have you spent more (keywords, ads), etc. It is very practical and convenient if you make monthly or other periodic reports for your clients or your own business.

Reports en Optmyzr

2 – Optmyzr Express

This wonder, as the name implies, allows you to make changes quickly, both from current shortcomings and elements with good performance, such as:

  • Pause ads with poor performance
  • Bid adjustments Demographics
  • Take Keywords to the first page
  • CPCs settings ( IS% improvement)
  • Discover new Keywords
  • Keywords with low quality level

This means, they are actions that if you use them periodically can be useful to improve the performance of your campaigns. You can find more information about the advantages offered by this function.

Optmyzr express

3 – Add Responsive Search Ads 

This tool can be useful as long as you have active text ads and enough data, since Optmyzr collects the titles and descriptions that work best and automatically creates an adaptive search ad for each ad group you choose, maintaining the reference URL and routes. 

In addition, if any of the texts shown to you is repeated, it does not convince you or you want to edit it, you have total freedom. It also allows you to anchor the position of each title and description if you wish (for example, if title 3 is the one that convinces you most, you can put a “pin” so that it always appears in that place.

It is a functionality that also it is offered by the Google Ads platform, although it is more convenient and simple from Optmyzr to approve ads and switch from one ad group to another.

Responsive Search Ads, una herramienta de Optmyzr

4 – Ad Text Optimization

The fourth new feature that has incorporated Optmyzr is the optimization of ad texts. It is a compilation of all your titles, descriptions, ads and routes of the URLs of your ads, separated between them and showing metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, cost, conversions, etc. 

Basically it consists of being able to differentiate the performance of each item and edit the one you consider in order to improve its performance, as well as preview the changes publish them from Optmyzr. This function allows you to choose the devices and channels you want to analyze and the period of time you want.

Ad Text Optimization es una nueva función de Optmyzr

5 – AB Testing For Ads

AB Testing for Ads es una función de

As the name implies, this option allows us to perform an A / B test of our active ads. To do this, Optmyzr shows us the ads that belong to each specific ad group and we can choose to analyze them based on three different metrics: CTR, conversion rate and conversions by number of impressions.

To make it clearer with an example, in the following image we can see the comparison between three ads in an ad group. In this case, it has been chosen to compare according to the CTR of each of them. Automatically, Optmyzr tells you, depending on the color, its performance.

The following options offered by Optmyzr are to pause the ads you consider by simply selecting them and executing the order, or creating a similar copy of the one you want to create new ones and try to improve the metrics data. It is a simple and fast way to detect ads with worse performance and make decisions in a few steps.

Opciones de Optmyzr

If you want more graphic information about these functions, you can watch this explanatory video step by step.

Recommended Optmyzr Tools

1. Rule Engine

Rule Engine es una herramienta recomendada de Optmyzr

Rule Engine or rule engine allows you to create custom optimizations that can make massive changes to your Google Ads account. These can be strategies that can help you bid on a target CPA or show you a list of keywords and ad groups that are more expensive than the rest. The suggestions that shows you Optmyzr can be reviewed and applied instantly, and the process can also be automated by executing the recipes created.

Niveles de Rule Engine

Rule Engine has three levels that will help you organize, create and apply rules:

  • Recipes: this is the first level. Each recipe can contain multiple rules, and it is possible to execute multiple rules in a single sequence using a recipe. That is, each recipe is made up of a group of rules (for example, a recipe called “exact keyword bidding”, consisting of specific rules for this type).
  • Rules: this middle level contains the rules. Each rule can contain multiple conditions and associated actions. All the conditions of a rule must be met for the actions to be applied (for example, rules at the ad group level or keywords with CPC upload and download conditions based on performance).
  • Conditions and actions: this is the lowest level and the one that sets the settings. Each set of conditions can have one or more associated actions (for example, to all keywords that have spent a certain amount in the last period without conversions, reduce the bid € 0.05).

In this case you must create these levels from scratch since the conditions and actions are defined by the user according to their objectives and needs. Although there are also so-called instant recipes for specific actions (such as searching for keywords with a lot of expenses, or groups of products, among others), with the option to copy the configuration of a recipe from another account.

2. Search Terms N-grams

This search terms function breaks down queries and displays the top 100 search terms of a word based on the selected metric (impressions, clicks, conversions, ROAS, etc.). You can choose what type of term you want to analyze (containing one, two or three words), while you can click on words and phrases to add them as a negative keyword.

This means, it allows you to easily detect the searches that generate the most traffic and get ideas for new keywords.

3. Quality Score Tracker

Optmyzr records the quality level and displays the results at the account, campaign, ad group and keyword level. This quality level is weighted and based on the amount of impressions and traffic from Google Search on all devices. The higher the impressions, the more weight the keywords will have.

Quality Score

You can view the Quality Score at the account level to see how it is working. It is also possible to see a trend for the Quality Score over time and compare two statistics on the same graph. 

You can choose between CPC, Quality Score, impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate and average position. When you connect a new Google Ads account to Optmyzr, the tool will be completed with the Quality Level Data of the last 14 days to help you get started as soon as possible. In this way, the tool will start storing the historical QS data from that moment.

In short, these are the functions that has added Optmyzr and those that we recommend in Digital Menta considering the previous experience when working with them, but there are many more analysis, research and optimization options that can always be useful to improve your advertising. If you have questions about how to make the most of functions Optmyzr or want information about our services, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments or contact us here! ???? 



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