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SEM · 28 / 04 / 2016

FFuturizz is the project that replaces the events of OMExpo & eCOMexpo in 2016 and aims to become the most relevant business and digital marketing event nationwide.

The objective of Futurizz 2016 is to be the event that connects the entire digital ecosystem: Big Data, Mobility, E-Commerce, digital Marketing, Social Media, Brand Content, digital and mobile technologies (Internet of Things, Wearables,…).

Futurizz’s approach is very similar to the eShow’s, which was also held in Barcelona just over a month ago. In another article we talked about the eShow de Barcelona 2016.

The truth is that the two events are frankly similar to the visitor and our opinion on Futurizz is obviously positive as well as on the EShow 2016. The two events have exhibitors, General lectures (for all the public with a basic entry) and other lectures of a premium or VIP character (after their respective payment). With regard to exhibitors there are no major differences, many of them being the same in the two events (eShow2016 exhibitors and Exhibitors Futurizz 2016).

Quality papers at Futurizz

Carlos Solis, Performance Director at Hello Media at Futurizz

The vast majority of these exhibitors offer solutions related to the Internet world whose typology is usually a technological enterprise, which helps businesses to improve the performance of their online channels and to innovate before the increasingly tight competition in Almost all sectors. Here we find platforms of Email marketing, Mail Automation, Sales Automation, business consultants, advertising platforms, banks, logistic companies, agencies, etc…

Really at the organisational level of the public, very few things change and it is difficult to determine which of the two events contributes something differential with respect to the other. The two are a great attraction for digital marketing professionals as they allow to learn from all professionals who share news about the industry and generate ideas to develop different businesses from the point of view of Marketing Online.

We make here a selection of some of the exhibitors that we were talking about and that seem very interesting to us and to consider because they offer something innovative.

Interesting Futurizz Exhibitors

It is a company that has developed several tools of prediction and analysis of algorithms based on data of products of online stores (prices, categories, brands, etc.) and the patterns of behavior of its clients. Their recommendation engines generate reference product recommendations and re-direct them to personalized emails that guide shoppers to what they ultimately want to buy. It seems that its integration and implementation is simple and very efficient.

What they were showing us allows us to make a very high personalization of the products that are shown to the visitors of a web according to their previous browsing by the same Web site or according to behaviors based on interests.

It has different solutions to improve the rate of abandoned trolleys as Popups output, mailing to make upsell with related products, etc…

Its competence or similar could be Brain Sins, VeInteractive, Nosto and Sales Manago among others.

It is a Dutch company that allows to generate a high volume of leads in different ways. Through co-sponsoring, co-registering or through direct campaigns. They have campaigns in many European countries (although we miss some) and in Australia. Depending on the need to protect the brand more or less you should use one or the other solution. To keep in mind if you want to generate a larger volume of leads. Some other similar company in the Futurizz were Webpiles and Ensalsa.

It is a customization platform of ecommerce whose soluciines are pop-ups of behavior that offer offers to generate sense of urgency, product recommendations in real time and based on their unique behavior, personalized emails for That visitors return to the store for relevant offers and finally Facebook ads With dynamic product recommendations on Facebook.

Nosto, increase the conversion rate on your website

Nosto Value Promise

It is a company that oroffers different services related to digital video; From the definition of the scripts for the videos and the production to the diffusion of the videos in the digital space. Its strong focus is on making the content generation efficient to reduce the costs of video production (still the Achilles ‘ heel so that the SMES dare to do the videomarketing).

They offer automatic video creation, customized videos through a client’s CRM, custom landing videos, or videotapes with focus on generation of leads.

It is a platform of Referral Marketing that identifies, organizes, mobilises and rewards the ambassadors of the brands. They are positioned as much as a technological platform, as an agency/consultancy specialized in actions that seek to increase the impact of the actions of type “referral”.

In their platform they offer statistics that inform about who are the most influential customers, the products that most recommend and even the profitability of the strategy.

Obviously we were talking with many other people in very interesting companies that are not collected in this brief list.

Futurizz is an event that we will continue to get to know first-hand the novelties of the sector and also to make networking with old friends (because we also have to leave space for fun).

Networking at Futurizz

Networking in Futurizz with old friends


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