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Irene Moreno

SEM · 10 / 06 / 2019

The Software as a service have become popular in recent years, so the market has more and more competition and we have to know how to differentiate and take advantage of it. If your company sells software as a service and you want to create SaaS Recruitment campaigns This is your space! Let’s give you some tips to define a successful strategy:

First of all, you know who you’re running to. Define your target.

Many softwares have been popularised especially between small and medium-sized enterprises. These softwares facilitate the management of many businesses, so when developing our SaaS recruitment campaigns we are often faced with a B2B strategy.

Generally, we do not usually find a single customer profile, but rather, we find different profiles varied among themselves. Nobody better than you knows your customers, so take paper and pen and draw these profiles. Understand your motivations and work your SaaS recruitment campaigns targeted at them. This will help to have better control over which segment works best and above all, to establish priorities among those that have greater value for the platform (either because they convert better, because they invest more…).

When you have defined the different profiles define the structure of your campaigns based on the different targets. It is likely that each target does different searches or is on different platforms, so orients all your SaaS Recruitment campaigns to each segment. In addition, this will also help us to talk specifically to each customer you are guiding. Although we will see this part later.

Objectives, objectives, objectives.

Define your goals. I mean all. No! Do not just think about selling. Broaden your spectrum! Defining micro objectives or micro-conversions will help optimize your SaaS capture campaigns and improve your overall results. In addition, it will also help us optimize campaigns if we do not have a very high volume of conversions.

On the other hand, you can also give your goals a spin. Sometimes it can be a challenge to generate subscriptions, sales, highs etc. directly, because perhaps the user wants to know a little more your service before taking that step, so we are asked several options:

    • You can offer a small part of your service for free (for a limited time, with basic coverages…) This way the user knows you better and knows if you really want to invest in your platform.
    • Give him time. Let him think about it. Collect your data! This allows us to implement a global strategy of our different SaaS recruitment campaigns, since these leads can be later worked through an Email Marketing Strategy and thus get subscriptions finally through another channel.  

In short, do not focus on the pure sale and hard. Generates quality traffic, get to know and the final conversion will only be a matter of time.

Once you have clear your objectives and your target, it will be easier to choose the Channels More appropriate. Generally this can also be defined by the sector in which it is worked. If for example, our sector is that of the restoration, it has all the sense of the world to focus on platforms like Instagram, since generally the content of our advertisement will be less intrusive on this platform and will be more welcome by our audience.


We have previously defined the target. We know who these subscribers are and typically where we can find them. Now, we can use this data to segment more specifically when we do our SaaS campaigns. Thus, we will work each target in a unique way, since we know their interests. We will use specific creativity and messages for each audience. In this way, our announcement will be more relevant and this translates to better CTR, greater engagement, Lower CPC… Definitely more traffic and better quality.


Be creative and specific.

We want to be relevant to our target so explain the specific advantages of using your software.

On the other hand, don’t be “me, me, me”, don’t focus on talking about yourself. We know that the characteristics of your software are great, the most developed in the market… last generation!, but what benefit does this translate bring to your audience? Mainly the motivation of companies (if your audience is a company) to take the step to hiring these services is the increase in revenue or savings in the budget, so translate all your features into specific benefits for the user; Profitability, comfort, speed… Easy, isn’t it? Besides, if it’s free, we want to know!

On the other hand, be specific in your messages. Write the copies according to the vertical business you are guiding. For example, if we work with the health sector probably our copies have better reception if we talk about patients and not users, customers… A user will feel more identified when reading a copy “Get more patients ” than with a more standardised type of “increase your customers”.

In short, be specific and offer your potential customer the advantages of your service.

Types of campaigns and platforms.

We can use different SaaS acquisition campaigns on a variety of platforms. We can define a strategy according to the stage of the conversion funnel in which the users are. We can also support the study of our profile/audience to determine how we will find our potential customers. Or as indicated previously, our own service will define the channel in which we orient our SaaS recruitment campaigns. If for example, we offer an innovative service, something very frequent in softwares of these characteristics, it will be difficult to capture users through search campaigns, because the user does not know the service and will not be looking proactively to cover this needs through a search engine. In that case, it would be best to support us in prospecting campaigns to find our target.

If our service is known and/or sued, it is more than interesting to focus part of the investment available in search engines like Google, since we know that our SaaS recruitment campaigns will be oriented to users who need our service (lower part of Conversion funnel).

If on the contrary we want to focus on prospecting campaigns, we can use In-market audiences of Google Ads and thus reach users that Google identifies as potentially interested in certain services, vertical…

The possibilities are very varied as far as prospecting is concerned! If we have a well-worked database, we can use Facebook campaigns with audiences similar to our customers.

If we leave the prospecting behind we can also create remarketing audiences to impact visitors who have consulted certain information about our software. Or all the telling! Remarketing campaigns to offer more services to our already customers.

Optimize your landings.

Let’s concentrate! Our SaaS recruitment campaigns are paid for, we are paying to carry web traffic and any improvement that helps in the conversion of the campaigns will be contributing to the profitability of these campaigns. So, surely there is something you can improve… The fan is wide.

On the one hand, you can focus on studying if the user understands your service, the advantages… If the process to register is the ideal for that user… In short, you can lay hands on UX Tools to improve the user’s experience on your website and thus facilitate users’ subscriptions.

If on the contrary you think you’ve done your best at UX level (Are you sure???) Think about the content of your offer. Would it be interesting to generate more volume of subscriptions to the detriment of your margin? In others words: OFFER! Change your offer, service, pricing 360 degrees… And think if you can offer something else or just ask for something less. Or a combination of both! Offer a more basic service for less money. You don’t necessarily have to reduce the price, you can also think of more varied things, always based on the variety of profiles that you guide and your specific needs.

In addition, following the idea of the variety of objectives; You can also (and must) orient your landings to the different conversions. If you finally opted to work with lead objectives, it offers quality content. It should be attractive enough for the user to be dissing by sharing their data with us, so highlight it on your landing pages.

Trial and error.

Do not be afraid to test new campaigns, new channels, new keywords, new creatives, new landings… The success of our SaaS recruitment campaigns will come after testing different variables and assess what gives us the best results. If you do not want to risk too much you can start doing an A/B test in a simple way trying different messages. You can test variables like copies with service Price vs. Copies with features of the service (advantages). This type of test will help you to learn more about the motivations of your audience; If they are price sensitive or on the contrary their priority is to meet their needs at all costs. If you get conclusive results, it includes the success messages in the landings or highlight them when you explain the service of your software.

If this last point has seemed interesting, we recommend you take a look at our post where we explain how to carry out A/B Tests with ads.

In summary, implementing a successful SaaS recruitment campaign is based on:

  • Define your target
  • Mark Goals
  • Select channels
  • Working with audiences
  • Create specific copies highlighting the advantages of our service
  • Determine which campaigns are most interesting for us
  • Orienting the landings to our targets and objectives
  • And last but not least test, test, test!

So you can successfully implement your campaigns. And if you need help, just contact our team of experts!


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