The 8 ultimate skills every SEM Manager should have

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SEM · 30 / 09 / 2015

Online advertising evolves in giant steps. In a few years we have witnessed the emergence of new disciplines within other new disciplines that have given rise to the great diversity of jobs that are written in today’s acronyms: SEO, SMM, CMO… do they sound familiar to you? Thus born, within the area of online advertising, the figure of the SEM Manager: Search Engine Marketing Manager, which currently escapes the borders of search engines to also cover advertising in content networks or even programmatic purchases.

SEM Managers manage online advertising through different platforms (ad servers), such as AdWords, AdRoll or PAN Europe , among others.

Our functions begin in the creation and structuring of the accounts to give way to the management, in which all the operations are given to that the client achieves its objectives (determined CPL, CPA, impacts, etc.).

Today I’m going to share with you the 8 skills you need to become part of this misunderstanding.

1. Learning Ability

Although no particular career is needed, it is necessary to have practice in the study. This position requires a tremendous learning capacity: The platforms and the media with which we work are updated to vertiginous rhythms, we have to quickly capture those changes to be able to integrate them into our routine and offer the best service to the client. As a previous knowledge, you must know the field of marketing and advertising, the environment in which you will develop your work.

2. Analytical capacity

It’s about thinking in detail, establishing relationships between variables and looking for light at the end of the tunnel. But you have to do it within the temporal limits that your day and your level of work require, so you must be quick. Don’t worry, this ability shoots with training.

3. Languages

English is fundamental. The updates of the tools, many of the tutorials and most of the great blogs about SEM Marketing, are in English. A lot of the technical terminology is in English, not to mention what you can expand your market if you master several languages. If you don’t want to stay behind, just do it.

4. Ease for numbers

If you want to be SEM Manager, you can’t be afraid of them. Percentages, rules, formulas… Through them we are able to quickly detect a problem or an opportunity. We have to see things where others just see Matrix screens. You don’t need to be a scholar, but you do like numbers. And this is very much linked to the following skill:

SEM Manager

Become an Excel Ninja to be a good SEM Manager

5. Excel Ninja

Most of the day you will spend it on this tool. You’re going to need to control formulas and do Pivot tables in industrial quantities. Learn all the tricks to help you reduce times. Put your batteries ➡ NOW.

6. Indiana Jones

Bury Dora the explorer and get your Indiana Jones out. Adventurous spirit. Enjoy the risk of trying new things, invent, experiment, think Out-of-the-Box. Act cautiously but fearlessly: sometimes you break things, but mistakes allow us to evolve quickly.

7. Communication

You have to deal with colleagues, bosses, customers and suppliers. You must be able to express yourself so that everyone understands you. Everyone will be interested in different information. Make it easy to all, the success of your work depends on your relationship with those around you.

8. Flexibility

Your work environment changes to every minute that passes. Be flexible, adapt quickly to changes and enjoy non-routine, is what makes us special<3

Sem Manager Skills

Extra points that will make companies fight for you:

  • Read a lot: You have to be up to date, build a Feedly with the best blogs and open a Twitter account to follow the big ones.
  • Training in other fields: Practice Cross Training. Your vision of things changes a lot when you understand how your work affects SEO, or social media, or to what extent it is influenced by design.
  • Keep Calm: Many SEM managers are Account managers, and they carry the full management of their accounts. The key is the ability to prioritise.
SEM Manager skills

That’s how you’ll see the world. The T-shirt available at

  • Improve your Techie scale: You’re going to need some technical knowledge in your day to day. Understand what web code is, how tags and urls work, or what an event is. You can start by Learn how to use Google Tag Manager.
  • Test your knowledge: Certificate. Google and Bing have certification programs so you can prove what you know and are free!

Are you ready to be a SEM Manager? Or if you already are, do you think you need other skills that we haven’t mentioned? See you next time! 😉


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