The best time of the year has arrived: Christmas shopping time!

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Laura Gimenez

SEM · 19 / 12 / 2017

Are you surprised to hear that there are 34% more searches on Christmas Day than on the Black Friday? And this is just a fact of the many users trends these days. Let’s review the latest Google report and take advantage of the best of the month December!

Here we leave our learning from the statistics of the Google report of December:

  • Through the mobile buyers know they can quickly search and find what they need and leave the purchase for the last minute. So despite the efforts of many vendors to have always available stock and optimal web speed, many people are expected to buy. This means that most of the purchases of December occur just before (and after) Christmas Day, so there are still more reasons to strive these days to derive traffic to the Web through online and offline media.
  • One thing is what is planned and another that is done. I wish we had bought all the presents on the Black Friday to save! But it’s not like that. People keep buying throughout the month of December, and we add early January, because in Spain the Magi also have a lot of weight (especially if you sell toys these will be your days). Therefore, do not skimp in efforts this month, because even if we have spent half the month, you still have time to prepare your store.
  • Companies want to take advantage of good times and stretch as much as possible, so more and more stores advance the sales one or two weeks. It happened on the Balck Friday and it’s already happening now at Christmas. But the result is not the expected one: Shoppers are increasingly waiting to compare all the bids to making their final purchase. “Early birds they are not”. The report tells us that when a buyer is considering a new purchase they spend 13 days on average until the purchase. But once they have decided to buy, half makes the purchase the same day or the next day. In fact, mobile searches related to ‘ shipping the same day ‘ have grown by 120% since 2015.
  • The last week before Christmas is a very busy week, but it is also very local. Once it passes on December 21st, shipments no longer arrive on time, so people these previous days opt for the physical stores in their city to buy what they need. It does not matter the day that Christmas falls that is the Friday of the week before when they start shopping. The next Saturday is usually the second busiest day of the whole month and the first? Day 23, no matter what day of the week it falls. In addition, this day we search the “where to buy” style, reiterating that this day is 100% of local purchases. These days we can adjust bids for people who are near your establishment, check that we have site extensions, and remark the fact that you can pick up in store.
  • The days between Christmas and the end of the year are still as hectic as any other day in December. The report tells us that 20% of the traffic in the store in December occurs during the next six days of Christmas Day. Christmas is one race after another, and it doesn’t end with the 25th. It is a date when you receive gifts, and therefore it is your turn to give away, probably for Reyes. And what’s more, the relationship with the store is not over when the purchase occurs, because some of the gifts will have to be redeemed in the store, such as a gift card, or others will probably be changed or returned. So it’s key to make announcements related to the return policy, how to use gift cards, etc. As well as taking advantage of the data we are getting and segmenting the most sold products with the profiles of the best buyers.

And finally, other interesting facts:

  • Most queries are made from the mobile, and less from the computer and tablet, so having a web responsive will be essential.
  • The sectors in which users want to take advantage of the sales and therefore receive more purchases in early December and last kings are those related to clothing and consumer electronics.
  • The toys look for them more the weekend in the month of November, but in December the trend changes and they pass to surpass them during the week.
  • The Internet demand starts in November, users start searching but there is no relevant spending for Christmas before November.
  • If you’re going to do Remarketing Focus on a segment of people with a clear intent to buy.
  • The volume of searches with the greatest potential are the categories of toys and perfumes. Jewels and products related to beauty and make-up are also gaining ground.
  • Benefit of the intentions of the users who are not so obvious: lottery, music and video, Christmas crafts, experiences, Christmas recipes, etc.

As you can see, you still have time to win these weeks with your users ‘ holiday purchases even if you haven’t planned for a long time. If not, you will always have a good agency ???? happy Investments!


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