Quality Score…a unicorn?

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SEM · 29 / 06 / 2017

The quality score is a variable that intrigues and much To Google AdWords account managers. Is it a unicorn? Stories are told about him but no one has ever seen him… will his blood be silver and make us stronger and longer-lived? Well, we don’t know if any of this is true. What if we bring you below are a series of tips to improve the score of your accounts and to reduce the cost per CLICK (CPC) in this way. At A higher score of quality, the less we will pay to advertise. Google likes our ads to be relevant and rewards us with a higher average position. Prepared to delve into a fantasy world and see if the quality score is a myth or something else? Conversions are coming…


The quality score It depends on three variables:

  • The percentage of clicks expected: That is to say, the times that our potential users click on the advertisement with respect to the average of the sector.
  • The relevance of the ad: How relevant the ad is to our audience. Does it include the keywords in the ad group? Is it clear and straightforward? Does it show what you are looking for?
  • Experience of the landing page: How comfortable our client feels when browsing the Web page. Is it easy to access? Is the charging time reduced? Is the step from product to cart simple? Does the method of payment offer us facilities for the purchase?

If we manage to embroider the above three aspects we will get a top quality score and show Google that we are worthy of a small advantage to advertise in their networks.


Recently Google made available to us some new indicators that refer to the history of the quality score for that keyword. In this way we can know if it has improved or worsened our score of quality with respect to the average of the account and to be able to put solution.

Then we are going to give a series of tips to improve the relevance of the announcement, which in our view is where more we can influence to improve the final score that gives us Google:

  1. An engroup by keyword or keyword sets: For example, if we want to advertise gaming mice we could produce various ad groups, for example: gaming mice, black gaming mice, cheap gaming mice, Gaming ergonomics, etc… The greater the segmentation the greater the relevance of the ad.
  2. Include all keywords in the ad repeatedly. Following the example of gaming mice, the gaming mice ad group will have to include that keyword in both the title and the description as well as the URL path.
  3. Clear and Direct message: Our audience is interested in a message with a hook that talks about the product for which the search was made. If you have searched for gaming mice we don’t show you gaming headphones.
  4. Extensions. Many of them: Extensions help the user click. If we have not yet included the extensions in our ads… It’s time.

And so far everything we can do to improve the quality score… On our own. We strongly recommend the use of external software to be able to spin even finer. If you don’t know the tool TenScores It would be time to take a look at it. This tool allows us to identify where the level of quality of our account is dying in order to put solution. It even offers us the possibility to divide our keywords into new ad groups and gives us information on which of our ads are those that are losing relevance by CTR or by number of conversions.

We hope that the quest for the unicorn has been satisfactory and that from now on we can all be proud of the quality score of our account instead of looking away AT the QS column. We are waiting for you at Convertnalia! King in the Dotcom!


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