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SEM · 18 / 10 / 2017

Today’s post is about talking a little bit of Digital Menta! But this time, we don’t do it ourselves, but our colleagues in SH Barcelona do, that they talked about us in their blog which they write about all the trends and great plans to discover in Barcelona. We invite you to read their Business articles and trends, where you will find the latest in innovative companies and much more!

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Digital Menta was born in 2014 by the former Googlers and with the main goal of helping your company reach new customers and maintain existing ones. In this article of ShBarcelona we are going to tell you how they do it and all the services they can offer you. If you want your business to succeed, take notes!

Their mission, to reach new customers and to keep existing

Today, Digital Menta helps advertisers in more than fourteen markets around the world through advanced online tools, technologies and solutions that enable them to maximize their ROI. Their main objective is to help companies get new customers and maintain those they already have today. The team Digital Menta defends its entrepreneurial character, its total effort to achieve the objectives, and the creation of quality employment in a young and open-minded environment. They rely on constant innovation and the pursuit of the best talent.

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Services that Digital Menta offers

As we told you, their main goal is to improve your results, for this, they focus on a series of services that will direct your business to that success that you are looking for. First, they will create a digital strategy based on your goals and goals accompanied by online branding that focuses on actions to increase brand awareness. Which, in short, is the ultimate goal. In addition, they are experts in SEM campaigns and will improve PPC campaigns to achieve the expected ROI. To do this, they use the appropriate technology based on process automation, sales and CRM. The design of the campaign will be the most important part and the part that will lead to success or not to success. A success that will be continuously measured and analysed to improve what already exists. In Digital Menta they’re clear, they never settle for the current thing, you always have to go for more.

In fact, you should know that they ensure a 42% improvement in YOUR ROI with the goal that you forget headaches and focus only on your business. At the moment they have already carried out campaigns in more than fifteen countries and their successes guarantee them.

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Help you shoot your digital ROI

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How do they do it? We explain it to you. The first step in achieving that success you want is to develop a PPC strategy to get the demand. In addition, they will provide complementary actions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads and will use Display campaigns to include Remarketing and custom audience. For them, the excellence in the design, its structuring and the construction of the message together with the client is key in the success of the campaign to be carried out. And, as we said, all this will be endorsed by a thorough analysis.

They have offices in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. Currently, you can find them in the 3A3 office of the Palau de Mar building in Pau Vila square. You can get there through the metro From Barceloneta with link line 4. In addition, you can also contact them through the form available on their website. If you want to give your company the push you need, do not hesitate. Digital Menta is your Advertising Agency.

Do you think it’s time to have their services? Tell us in the comments.

We hope you have liked to read a little more of us so far and see from another point of view what we can do for your business.

Thanks to SH Barcelona for the post and do not forget to follow them on their social networks! Facebook, Twitter E Instagram.

See you soon!


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