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Miriam Bayona

SEM - SEO · 04 / 06 / 2020

Voice search is one of the trends that is currently experiencing the greatest growth. In fact, more than one billion voice searches are already performed each month and it is expected that by 2020 50% of searches will be performed by voice.

Therefore, given its high utilization, companies cannot ignore voice searches. They must be proactive and for this it is necessary to adapt the strategies of digital marketing, since it is completely changing the way of positioning the contents and web pages. If they do not optimize their content and web pages they will be turning their backs on a new source of income.

But what do we understand as voice search?

What is a voice search?

It is the technology voice search that allows users to perform verbal searches by speaking on devices such as Google home, Alexa, Siri and Cortana. These devices access information from search engines to obtain information to provide to users.

Voice searches are:

  • More specific
  • Longer
  • They arise within a context
  • They use a more natural language

Another fact that we must take into account is that voice searches are not limited exclusively to the use of smartphones, but that these can also be performed from tablets, laptops and computers. Although for this, it is necessary that the device has an integrated microphone, or an external one is included.

Búsquedas por voz

In the search bar of the computer, just in the lower left corner, we can find an icon with a microphone. If we select it, the computer will recognize our voice to perform any search.

What are the advantages of using voice search for users?

  • Voice search first of all generates comfort. It is no longer necessary to have to type to perform searches. And consequently freedom of hands is gained.
  • It facilitates the queries of phrases or words in which doubts are generated as to how it is written. For example, in the case of tonica schweppes queries, we can find multiple variations in the searches of users who are not sure how to write the brand [sueps, shueps, sweps, schweppes….]
  • Voice searches favor long queries or use of extensive phrases.
  • In addition, voice searches are interrelated. The context is maintained. That is, if, for example, we activate Google’s voice search, we ask: “What year was Brad Pitt born?”, The next question may be: “Where was he born?” Google will answer correctly about that actor, without having to go back to ask the whole question.

Keys to optimize the ads before voice searches

Here are 6 tips to optimize the ads for voice search, in order to generate quality content:

1. Use phrases in natural language.

We must bear in mind that the natural language of the people at the time of speaking is different from that of the written consultations, and therefore you will have to adapt the content of your announcements or of your web page to it.

The key to this is to create content that answers the questions Who … ?, When … ?, Where …? And how…?.

Google prioritizes the answers that are best structured to respond to voice search queries. Therefore, you must prioritize structured data to semantic data.

In this sense, creating a content marketing strategy that includes many questions will benefit the website in terms of the natural positioning of voice searches. For example, having a section of frequently asked questions or FAQ, allows you to offer answers to voice searches and opt to be featured fragments on the Google results page, which allows you to achieve a good CTR when solving user doubts.

2. Focus on long tail keywords.

Users use more words when they speak than when they write. In written searches laziness wins and to a greater extent “Indian style” searches occur.

For example, in the case that a user was looking for a movie theater with movies in the original version, if the search were in writing, it would probably be: “Cinemas original version”, while if the search were by voice it would be “Where can I find a cinema where films are projected in the original version? ”

So, check your long tail keywords and see if they should be modified to adapt them to voice search. The trick is to think about how they would look for that keyword with a question, conversationally.

3. Focus on getting featured snippets.

The featured fragments occupy the zero position in the search results.

The zero position is that which in the organic results we can see prominently at the top of the search results. The idea is that this result gives a quick response to the user.

Posición cero en los resultados de búsqueda

Digital marketing strategies should focus on gaining that position, because when you qualify in that position your online visibility is maximized for users.

Being in the zero position causes the click-through rate or CTR to be reduced to 8% at the first search result, which in the end, steals visibility and traffic from the competition.

4. Focus on the local.

Voice search also highlights the immediacy of inquiries. More than 50% of consumers use voice search to find local businesses and more than 75% of users conduct voice searches weekly. And from this the importance of local SEO is extracted. This must be empowered to be among the top positions in Google ranking.

It should be noted that most smartphone users have active location control, so if the search is performed by voice command “dog grooming”, the results that will be displayed will generally be those located closer according to the geolocation of the device.

However, there are also users who do not have the traceable location. Thus, in order not to leave out any user, we recommend the use of location keywords, especially for those cases in which users search for questions focused on a specific local area.

For example: “Hairdressing near Valencia”, and in that way you will attract local customers who are specifically looking for a city, a specific neighborhood, etc.

More and more users rely on their voice assistants to find services in their local area, whether it’s finding a new restaurant, watching movie schedules, etc. Therefore, combining local search and voice search is a good opportunity to increase your business income.

5. It includes ad extensions.

Ad extensions are features that improve your PPC ad, as they provide more information on the ads.

An example of a recommended extension would be the call extension.

The call extension allows you to add the phone number so that users can contact the business.

Extensión de anuncio de llamada

Another recommended extension would be the location extension, since as we have said before, voice searches focus mostly on the local. Therefore, with the location extension you will make it easier for customers to find your establishment.

Extensión de anuncio de ubicación

6. Optimize your mobile website.

A few years ago, the web pages had a unique design for all the screens from which they were accessed. However, over time it turned out to be a problem for Smartphone users, since they were faced with designs in which navigation was difficult. Then came the “responsive or adaptable design”, which allows a user to enter any device without their ability to navigate it is impaired.

For all this, another key point to face the challenge of optimizing your ads to voice searches is to improve the web to adapt it to mobile devices. This is so since most of the times that voice searches are performed, these are done through the mobile device.

If the web space is not optimized for mobile devices it can become a vanishing point (bounce rate increases by 40%).

Do you want to find out if your website is optimized for mobile?

Therefore, it is essential to capture the majority of website visits and make them interact on the page.

If you want to know more about how a good web design can increase the conversion rate.

And you, have you adapted your content to voice command searches? If the answer is no, what are you waiting for? If you want to share more tips to optimize your content to voice searches, do not hesitate to leave your comment!


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