Google Adwords App. Is it worth it?

A few months Ago i downloaded the Play Store Google Adwords application on my mobile Andorid. After a while using it, I think we can do a little review on it and what are its strengths and weaknesses. Stay until the end of the article and find out if this App can be useful for you or not. Let’s start!

Appearance and use of the mobile interface

At first glance we realize that its interface is clean and basic. It is also very intuitive to navigate between the different levels if you know how Adwords is organized, because the information is displayed in a way similar to the desktop interface. On a higher level we find the account, in the case of a particular advertiser, or multiple accounts if we are an agency that is organized by MCCs. At lower levels we find campaigns and ad groups respectively. And ultimately, and below these levels, we find the keywords and the ads.

Google Adwords App Home Page

Google Adwords App Home Page, with the Account metrics panel and access to the other levels.

The first thing we will find is a Main Page of the account in which we show a panel with the classic metrics ff Adwords, both numerically and graphically. This graphic information is extended if we scroll horizontally with data on Devices and Networks in which our ads appear, days of the week, etc.

View of the different levels in the Google Adwords App

View of the different levels, from left. (lower level) to right (top level), in the Google Adwords App

After the graphic panel we can access lower levels of the account (campaign, Group, Keywords and ads) and within each of these levels we can continue to deepen in their next levels. As we do in the desktop interface.

They are at these deeper levels of the application when we start to miss a bigger screen because the metrics, that like on the desktop, are shown in columns form, can only be displayed three by three, and we have to do quite horizontal scroll to be able to find all the information that we are not able to see from a single screenshot. In favor of the Google Adwords App we will say that adding, removing and ordering columns is faster than on the desktop, although we do not have the most advanced columns in the mobile.

Modify period and columns in Google Adwords

Options that we can modify in the Google Adwords App; Modify period and columns.

But… what can we and can’t do with the Google Adwords App?

Individually and manually we can edit budgets and change bids, as well as pause and activate campaigns, groups, words or advertisements and, you are at the level that you will always be visible within that part of your account you find.

The App can become A great tool of quick and general consultation, because it allows you to be in contact with your accounts on occasions where you can not do it with another device, either by connectivity or by mobility. But it has its limitations. Limitations that go beyond the size of the screen or the fact that you have to move forward and back on some occasion more than you want to get to some part of the account in particular.

View an ad and keyword in the Google Adwords App

View an ad and keyword in the Google Adwords App

We will not be able to create the ideal campaign for our client from the mobile, and although this functionality was enabled, would not be the best interface for it. Nor are we going to be able to change the setting of a campaign or the bid settings at the ad group level from the Google Adwords App. Basically we are going only to be able to change budgets, bids and pause or activate elements already created.

Pros and cons of the Google Adwords App

Now you know what are the benefits and shortcomings of this tool and, above all, what is this useful and why not. Personally if I had to count some advantages and drawbacks of the Google Adwords App would be the following.

Pros of the Google Adwords App

  • Access to your accounts in mobility and reduced connectivity
  • Simple, intuitive and fluid interface. Perfect for consultation
  • Possibility to adjust activate and deactivate elements quickly in case of emergency

Google Adwords App Cons

  • Limited Margin of performance, with options of adjustments and very narrow editions
  • Dependency on other devices in the event of somewhat less basic changes
  • Limited viewing of information due to screen size

And you, now that you know what the Google Adwords app…you haven’t downloaded it yet? If so, please let us know in which cases it has been useful to you, or if on the contrary it has fallen short.

Written by

Josue Simón

SEM · 16 / 02 / 2016

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