AdWords CTR. What they never told you.

What does CTR mean in Adwords? The CTR is one of the 3 factors that define the quality level of our campaigns, together with the relevance of the ad and the relevance of the landing page.

In search campaigns, the quality level is visible directly In the AdWords interface next to the keywords, if you have the column displayed in your view. In the Display campaigns, we do not have information about the level of quality but also exists, referring to the relevance of topics, interests, keywords and public.

It is crucial for the proper functioning of the account that we monitor all the actionable factors that may affect this indicator. And also that we apply smart bidding strategies to be the kings of the auction. But this is what we talked about. Do you remember the post of Oana about The best bid strategies in Adwords?

How do I know if my CTR is good?

When analyzing THE CTR Important doubts arise, because we do not usually have references to know if it is good or bad. But the answer to this question exists. We just need to take into account the following factors:

1. Account CTRs history:

If we have a long history in our campaigns we can look at the deviations that the CTR has undergone throughout his life and how they have affected the level of results. We will know if we have a CTR is good compared to previous situations: if it has been better other times or if on the contrary we are achieving an historical maximum.

We should not despise the results (conversions) when it comes to doing this analysis, as there are cases where lower CTRs give rise to greater profitability for the Advertiser.

2. Common differences between CTRs by type of campaign

Although it is advisable to compare the CTR of the different campaigns of an advertiser, we must take into account that there are natural differences between different types of campaigns, and therefore, remember that we should always compare campaigns that are of the same typology, apples and apples!

CTR on the Search and Display network

The search network usually has a much HIGHER CTR than the Display network. It is a characteristic behavior of each network, because the intention of buying (or conversion) is much higher in the search network, because the user is actively looking for something that is willing to make that conversion.

However, in the campaigns of Display we attack a user according to a certain profile, but we do not know if at the moment that we show the advertisement the user is actively looking for a product service like ours, and in fact the most probable is I’m not. The intention is low and so we receive many fewer clicks than in the search network.


Search and Display campaigns show different CTRs

➡ If we use hybrid campaigns (Display Select) We must do the analysis using the “Red” segment, because otherwise we will see very low CTRs, because the CTR of the Display network will affect the global.

Type of campaign according to conversion intent

As with the search and Display campaigns, the CTR is different depending on the proximity of the campaign to the intention of buying the user.

  • brand campaign in the search network will always be the closest: the user is looking to buy our service, we have it easy to take the click and therefore we should see a higher CTR to the other campaigns.
  • A specific product/service campaign will have a SOMEWHAT smaller CTR, because, although the user is actively looking for a product/service like ours, he or she could choose another brand AD.
  • generic campaign will still have a smaller CTR, since we’ll include more open terms, expand the cake, and therefore, it is possible that the user does not want our product service for the search that it performs.
  • It is expected that a competition campaign HAS less CTR than previous campaigns, because the user is actively looking for the product/service of another advertiser, and therefore it is difficult to get their attention. You’ll have to unleash your creativity if you want to take that click.
CTR Intención Compra

CTR by type of campaign

In the Display campaigns Something similar happens, the more specific the audience we choose regarding our product/service, the CTR will be higher. And this will be lower for unrelated audiences.

???? If none of the above points can help us answer the question “is my CTR good or bad?” some websites issue statistics related to the use of the Internet where we can find some clue, such as Comscore. It offers free reports that will be very useful and not only to analyze your CTR!

But if you think you’re in trouble with the performance of your accounts, do the right thing and talk to Digital Menta We will be happy to help you! ????

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SEM · 29 / 03 / 2016

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