How to Improve Your Performance Using Facebook Insights

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Jorge Sanchez

SOCIAL ADS · 24 / 06 / 2019

You’ve probably searched for endless tools to extract all relevant data from what’s happening on your Facebook business profile, whether it’s new followers, likes, interactions, your users’ profile, their behavior, or many other metrics that are relevant to you.

Thanks to Facebook insights and for free, you can analyze the most valuable statistics for your business.

I personally use it to be able to monitor and measure everything that happens, always with the intention of being able to improve those strategic aspects that help me achieve my goals. Remember that “what can’t be measured, it can’t be improved.”

How can Facebook Insights help me?

Don’t worry, throughout this post, I’m going to give you the main keys of how you can improve performance by getting the most out of every aspect it collects Facebook Insights.

Before entering fully into the more technical aspects of the Tool, I’m going to quickly summarize what it’s about and where you can find it.

What is Facebook Insights?

We could define it as the “lab your fan page“, is that section where everything that happens to your Page, the performance of your posts, reach, results, etc. is analyzed and measured. Yes, it’s like Facebook Analytics.

Within all the dimensions it offers, there are some highlights that can give you the first data more Relevant about the performance of your company profile or that of your customer:

  • Results of the Reach of all your posts.
  • Number and growth of I like you And Followers.
  • Interaction with your organic and paid publications.
  • Profile of your Followers, its demographics (age, gender, etc.)
  • Track other pages that may be your Competition direct or indirect.
  • Check what it is Time to which there are more fans connected to make our posts.
  • Data Events.
  • Statistics Stories.

How do I access Facebook Insights?

Its access is very simple, you will find it by entering first of all, in your personal Facebook profile.

In the upper right corner, you’ll see a drop-down next to your profile picture, this is where you have to tap your profile fan page.

Once inside, it’s just about tapping the account you’re interested in analyzing (be careful, you’ll see the Ad Account Manager section below)

Finally, the tool you will find it in the tab where it says “Statistics” as you can see in this image:

facebook insights

How to improve performance with Facebook Insights?

Each of the features of Facebook Insights it gives you the possibility to see specifically the performance that has had each aspect of your fan page.

However, without putting all this amount of information in context, the analysis of its daily operation loses value to you. That’s why throughout the post I’m going to give some examples so that you can understand it better and really see how you can implement this tool with concrete actions based on real marketing goals that help measure performance and its achievement i.

I like, followers and reach

Within a strategy, for example, Content marketing on social channels, the first thing you need to consider is the definition of your buyer person, that is, that representation that includes the most relevant characteristics of who would be your ideal customer for each of your products/services that you offer to the market.

Once you’ve defined what your customer goal, you will have to create your organic content thinking about offering you the highest possible value, relevant content that is of interest to you.

To do this, it would make a lot of sense to project different objectives such as Reach, increased Followers or that of Interaction with your mark.

Some of the Dimensions valuable that Facebook Insights offers you to measure the achievement of those objectives is in this case, the section of likes, publications, scope, etc.

Once you’ve observed the Behavior of your audience with your Content, you can now make decisions based on specific posts that have become more far-reaching or have generated greater interaction.

Sometimes, you’ll see that the fact that one has achieved better or worse results is based on simple aspects such as the content of the copy or the particular image if it reflects to a greater or lesser extent the Core of your target.

Setting another example, in one of my clients in Digital Menta , gets a lot Interaction with posts that are focused on the Website Blog, already within the content strategy i was talking about earlier, it’s valuable information that directly captures the target’s pain points.

Something that therefore generates interaction and arouses interest for this particular audience.


On the other hand, if you’re also pursuing a strategy in Facebook Ads with audience-targeted campaigns, you can include promoting one of your organic posts and comparing organic reach vs. Paid.

Look: Always remember to include the promotion of your posts from the facebook Ads Manager tool, so you have more control over your budgets, optimizations and audiences. I always recommend doing it that way.

In this way, and as I commented, you can compare the result of promoting a particular post for an organic or paid reach. Many times I notice that a publication organically does not generate enough scope and that thanks to including it in some campaign, it ends up generating the results that had been set at the beginning.

By the counterroo, on other occasions and especially for the Draws, organically and encouraging your users to share, enough traffic is generated naturally and thus fulfilling any of your objectives. Whether it’s website visits, lead engagement or clicks on the post link.

Origin of your Page’s likes

Another very valuable and that can help you make decisions is to know which channel or what particular source brings the main likes of your Page.

As you can see in the photo, you can see different channels that have attributed the origin of the likes of the page.

Here in this particular example, it helps me to determine that after the main Facebook channel, the one that works best is that of google search.

Type of reactions

It is a powerful tool to analyze the type of reactions generated by your organic and paid content. Many times, if you’re running some advertising campaign on facebook ads, quality levels are affected by the reactions Negative it generates. It may be some socially sensitive content or you’ve overlooked the targeting targeted target, and this is a way to analyze the type of reaction you’re generating and thus improve performance.


People, within facebook insights, we have the audience section to be able to get to know our users in depth from a demographic point of view, however, it is already possible to access a more specific tool called audience insights

Here you can access by selecting the followers of our page and compare with followers of our competition.

It is a tool that helps us to create specific audiences by interests, hobbies, tastes, age and behavior and thus be able to apply them to our facebook ads campaigns within a prospecting or remarketing strategy.

You can learn more about Audiences Facebook to improve the structure of your campaigns.

facebook insights


In each of the dimensions I have explained, there is the possibility to generate reports in CSV or Excel format to be able to analyze and compare it in a more thorough way.

In addition, with the Dates at the top you can also compare periods or select specific dates where there have been peaks of demand or seasonality related to the main activity of your business or that of your client.

All this will help you in a final way, to be able to extract all that data that you have analyzed in the performance of the page.

facebook insights

Conclusions obtained on Facebook Insights

By way of closure and conclusion, it can be said that Facebook Insights it is a very valuable tool to be able to make decisions about our marketing strategy on facebook, to be able to generate new audiences or simply know in a better way how users interact with your organic content so that we can determine concrete actions to grow the business.

Among the different features I have explained, we can summarize some conclusions:

  • Meet your users
  • Compare organic publications vs. Paid
  • Extract new audience ideas
  • Monitor the times of day when your audience is active
  • Measure the likes of your page and where they come from
  • Analyze and monitor the competition.
  • Generate detailed reports so you can open them on other platforms

Think you can make the most of Facebook Insights? Do you usually use it in your day-to-day life?

If you haven’t put it up and running yet and think you could use a little help to launch a digital marketing strategy on Facebook getting the best performance: Contact us!

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