Twitter ads guide: how does Twitter advertising work?

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Josue Simón

SOCIAL ADS · 21 / 10 / 2015

According to the data offered by the social network itself, Twitter currently registers 500 million of Tweets a day and more than 240 million active users. Users use the network to talk about what they are concerned about and to be informed of what is relevant at that time, either through the trends or from the people or brands they follow.

This gives brands a great opportunity to connect with their target audience and thus increase awareness and engagement, but also other metrics related to direct response, such as traffic to our website or the Sales conversion, always without forgetting that Twitter is a network oriented to branding.

More and more brands are aiming for Advertising On Twitter, as they see the Blue Bird Social network an opportunity to increase their Business and Twitter makes available to all who want the Platform Called Twitter Ads. Through it we have the opportunity to promote our Tweets, Trends, Videos, or to use Custom Audiences to impact existing and potential customer groups.

These and many more features can be found on Twitter Ads and are intended to help us achieve our advertising goals. In the next posts we will deal with these and more specific features that Twitter offers us with its advertising tool, but our goal today is to create a basic guide on how ads work on Twitter. Here we go!

Select the target of our Twitter advertising campaign

The first step is to know what Twitter Ads is and, once we have decided to use Twitter advertising to achieve a series of objectives, it is essential to understand how it should be structured.

At the top level of the advertising structure we find the “Campaign”, and under it will find the ads that we want to create. At the campaign level we will have to choose the objective of our publicity. This goal is unique and shared for all campaign announcements, so if we intend to create ads with different objectives we must create different campaigns.

Once we have decided to create an advertising campaign, Twitter offers us the following objectives for your campaigns:

  • Get Followers
  • Get Clicks on the website or conversions
  • Getting interactions in a Tweet
  • Getting Installations or interactions in Applications
  • Get potential Customers on Twitter
  • Get Video Reproductions
  • Or, finally, a personalised objective for cases in which we do not want to stick to any of the above.

Twitter Ads

Learn about the goals you can get with Twitter Campaigns

Choosing our audience on Twitter Ads

Following the process of creating our campaign, we find that we must select which is our audience.

Before we can begin to apply the different methods of segmentation that Twitter offers us, we should know what our target segment is or, more specifically, what is the profile of our Buyer Person. Now that we know who to direct our ads we can continue.

We can orient our ads to users with specific locations, users who use specific languages, and even users who use certain operators or devices (iOS, Android, Computer, Tablet…).

We can also add additional segmentation criteria as keywords, or follower lists by entering your user names (if we know them), or include interests.

We have the option of adding television programs that users are interacting with, or orienting to events on which users are interested. And we even have the option to add custom hearings by upsetting a list of emails or installing Remarketing on our website. Finally, in the case of the United States and the United Kingdom, the opportunity is offered to segment to users with different behaviours and characteristics both online and offline.

As we go using the segmentation criteria that allow us to approach users with the profile of our Buyer Person, we will have defined an estimated size of our audience. With the next step we will define the scope of our ad with respect to the defined audience.

Our budget for Twitter advertising

At this point we have to introduce what is the budget we have and choose the price model.

Here we will establish the daily amount of investment that we want to keep in advertising on Twitter. We can also set the total amount we want to spend so that when this budget is reached, the campaign will stop.

With regard to the price modality, there are three different types of bids. On the one hand, the automatic bidding, which will be optimised to get the best results at the lowest possible price. On the other hand, we will find the target bid and the maximum bid depending on the type of campaign.

Depending on whether our budget is sufficient or not to reach a relevant percentage of the audience we have created, we will have to consider whether our audience is sufficiently segmented. This can be observed with the objective range estimation and estimated range shown in the tool.

Our Creativity

Finally, we only need to define what the announcement will be.

At this point creativity will depend on the campaign objective that we have chosen. While it is true that in all the creativities there is something in common, a Tweet that cannot exceed the 140 characters of text; Depending on whether our goal is to increase the clicks to the Web or increase the number of followers, for example, our text will be accompanied by an image or “card”, or a “follow” button.

After defining your creativity you will have everything you need to start showing your advertising on Twitter. From this point I only wish you luck with your new social journey and a lot of ROI for all!

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