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UX · 31 / 01 / 2015

During projects of definition of strategies of capture of leads or registers can arise frictions when tackling design tasks in the Landing pages (Part of the problem is that there is no AB Testing culture.) This is often the result of confronting divergent views between customers and designers or among members of the same team. However, the good thing about the Internet is that we can test it and analyze it all. Therefore, in Digital Menta We believe that the changes in a landing Page should not be done in terms of subjective opinions or personal tastes, but we must test things and improve results based on applying AB Testing to our projects and see what really works. How should we do AB Testing on landing pages?

First step: To raise awareness of HIPPOs

Once a collaborator told us that if there was too much friction when presenting a design proposal, the customer always has the discretion to determine whether or not the design is correct, based many times on subjective opinions, and not attending or the Experien Expert or continued study. Avinash Kaushik, Web analytics guru calls this “The Hippo” or Highest Paid Person Opinion, Whose translation is the opinion of the person who charges the most within the company.

The answer to this collaborator on our part was, that taking that position of defeat, offers a lower quality service to the customer. If the customer’s subjective opinion confronts the expert experience and knowledge based on empiricism, the service or product must be offered with these quality assurances, not based on personal tastes. This is the same as a doctor or a lawyer; Doing anything else is degrading the service that is offered to customers and falling into bad practice.

If the design processes are executed properly, with a methodology that captures all the needs of the clients, these confrontations will be minimized, offering a better quality service to the client and managing better the expectations of both parties.

However, the result of this first design is only the first stone to success, as once the landing page is launched is when we face the stark truth, the opinion of multiple visitors, who can go from hundreds to thousands per week.

To maximize the profitability of investments focused on recruitment, it is necessary to define and IMPLEMENT AB testing plans to sharpen the design of our landing pages with the sole aim of continually improving the profitability of investments and Make business healthier.

Step Two: AB Testing planning at landing pages

A good AB testing plan in landing pages is based on defining the tests that will be done throughout a project of this type (it can go from a few months at least to an infinite time); What will be proven?, how long will the test last?, what is the condition of success or failure?, etc… These tests will be based on hypothesis according to the psychology of buying people, and in the continuous learning by our part of the clients. These scenarios will be ratified or discarded when the reliability of the test is sufficiently high; we seek to rule out that we make decisions based on personal appreciations and tastes.

We always use tools that facilitate decision making. These tools incorporate powerful statistical engines that eliminate the need for advanced statistical knowledge. Tools that we have already tested are Google analytics, unbounce and Optmizely (we’ll talk about them in detail in the future). However there are many others in the market and our attitude of learning make many of them pass through our laboratory.

AB Testing para un cliente de Digital Menta

AB Testing for a customer Digital Menta

The provision of AB testing services can be perceived as an extra cost and discarded. However, the impact they have on ROI can be so high that it can become the most important part of a lead capture strategy. we have Case Studies Where the increase in the rate of recruitment is multiplied by ‘ n ‘ times, which allows a much more efficient use of investments in media plans.

In short, AN AB testing plan in landing pages based on analytical experimentation, which allows us to detect which landing page or microsite designs are IMPROVING the ROI of our recruitment strategies, is one of the cornerstones in the Definition of these recruitment strategies. Without these plans we will not be able to achieve the greatest success as marketing managers, of the actions carried out.

Are you implementing AB Testing strategies in your Recruitment campaigns? If you have helped this article do not hesitate to share it on your social networks or give us your opinion. We will continue to talk about AB Testing later!

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