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SOCIAL ADS · 12 / 01 / 2016

Extra, Extra! Fresh news related to the Facebook Marketing: New month, new campaign target! The Social network announced just a few days ago the introduction of a new goal to set up campaigns on Facebook. It’s “Brand awareness” and I’m sure more than one was expecting it. Do you want to know the secrets and the configuration of this type of campaigns? Start!

Let’s get in position. A few months ago we talked about the Setting up campaigns on Facebook And we told you that the Facebook campaigns are configured choosing a goal around which they are optimized: Promote your page, increase the conversions on your website, increase the interaction with your application, etc. But, the great absent was The brand awareness campaign or Brand awareness.

The importance of the goal Brand awareness

The first step for your brand to succeed is to be known. No one discusses this argument and most advertisers are struggling to do so. Brand awareness is the state in which the user knows the name of your brand, knows your product and its characteristics. It is related to how users conceptualize and remember your brand and is the primary objective in the initial months of launching a product or brand.

The greater the recognition of the brand, translated into more commercial contacts or potential buyers, the greater our sales will be.

Then a chart in which you can see the states by which the relationship of a client with your brand passes after “recognize”.

The Bran Awareness process

Phases of the brand awareness process or Brand awareness

Having said this and after seeing the phases, we will agree that it is a variable that we must control with the objective of being able to maximize it in our favor.

How do I measure Brand awareness?

We have internalized that it is essential to control the Brand awareness but do we know how to measure this variable? Well, the brand awareness allows us to know the number of people who remember a brand (or an advertisement) and that depends on the scope, attention, quality of the message and other factors that, all together, make up the brand recognition.

The scope refers to the number of people who see your ad while attention refers to the time they spend “watching” your ad. As it is logical, the more time someone spend watching an ad, the more likely they will remember it.

Target Campaigns Brand awareness on Facebook

So far, to measure brand recognition in our campaigns, we used metrics like “I like”, CTR or clicks. But these metrics did not give us a very concrete view of whether we were doing well or not to achieve our goal of Brand Awareness.

With the new target of campaigns on Facebook, what makes the platform is to look for people similar to those who are already paying attention to our ads and therefore have a greater probability of paying attention to our ads.

How do you configure this type of campaign?

Very simple! All you have to do is select this goal by creating a new campaign from Power Editor. With this type of campaign you will be able to optimize by reach and also you will be able to select the frequency with which you want to show your ads, ie the number of impressions per person every X days).

For which locations is this type of campaign available?

You can show ads with this target on both Facebook and Instagram and at any of the locations: News Feed, Right Hand Side or Mobile.

Reporting: How to measure Brand awareness on Facebook

Once we have configured the campaigns, the important thing is to know their performance. The variable that uses Facebook to let us know the results of our ads focused on Brand awareness is called “Estimated memory of the ad” or estimated ad recall. This metric is based on a correlation analysis of historical ad data and data from more than 300 Nielsen global studies. Based on this correlation has developed a methodology based on scope and attention that allows us to know the brand recognition that we are generating through each campaign, ad set or AD.

Bonus Track

Since Facebook has conducted a study based on the performance of campaigns with target Brand awareness and campaigns with objective Page Post Engagement (the type of campaign that we used to achieve brand recognition before Facebook launched The new type). The good news is that Brand awareness campaigns have a performance of 60% better than Page Post Engagement, the memory of the announcement is much greater with this new type of campaigns. Therefore, we recommend that you begin to test with this new objective to draw yourself conclusions of its operation. We look forward to telling you how to improve your brand recognition!

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