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SOCIAL ADS · 09 / 02 / 2016

Dear Advertisers and Account managers, do you need help with your Facebook campaigns? Do you want to be up to date on the news Facebook Marketing? Get ideas from through real cases from other advertisers? This and many more things is what you can get from IQ Facebook Insights, a portal in the form of a Blog in which the Social network makes available to advertisers invaluable information to make life easier when we can not get more shine to our campaigns and we start to get stuck Business Manager.

What is Facebook insights IQ?

IQ is the Anglo-Saxon equivalence to the IQ. Facebook Insights IQ would be something like the CIA of Facebook advertising. A portal in which the engineers who are in charge of the advertising network on Facebook share all their “ingenuity” with the people of the walk, with the advertisers who want to improve and grow our campaigns on Facebook.  A great contribution that we should all know and make the most of. A way out of our optimization cave and find out what other advertisers are doing and how they are revolutionizing the world of online advertising and communication.

Facebook Insights IQ Utilities

It is a clean portal in terms of design; You can see clearly at first sight what are the four main themes available on Facebook Insights IQ, allowing the user to quickly select the topic in which he is interested. At the end of the day, it is a Blog divided into four different categories:

Facebook Insights IQ Portal Categories

Facebook Insights IQ Categories

  • PeopleInsights: How does your target audience behave? People Insights consists of a series of demographic analyses through which we can understand and shape the behavior of our Buyer Persona. Analysis based on data and figures on how consumers buy according to their age or geographical location. Mobile, computer, tablet? A series of very curious reports that includes a series called “Digital Diversity” in which the online behavior of groups like African-Americans or Asian-Americans in the United States is analyzed. Make no mistake or waste time and money testing, with People insights find out exactly how your target audiences behave and… Attack!
  • Holiday & Events: Impact the right audience at the right time to buy your product. That is the key to advertising in a nutshell. In the Facebook Insights IQ Portal, the advertisers have a section in which the main festivities and events appear worldwide (Christmas, Oscar night or awards gala, Mother’s Day, etc.) for us to prepare to impact the Audience at the right time and sweeter with personalized messages.
    One of the reports advises advertisers that, during the Ramadan period, amplify and extend your message on television via Facebook, given the incipient trend to “multi-screening” (Watch TV while you use your mobile, PC or Tablet to navigate).
    Another interesting example is ‘ the return to school ‘:

    Facebook Insights IQ and back to school

    Back to school in figures on Facebook Insights IQ

With reports like this, it’s easier to know who to contact to sell backpacks or cases through Facebook. ????

  • Industry Research: How can Facebook favor search campaigns? How to create Online campaigns that boost your brand recognition? How can we measure the impact of videos on Facebook? The answer to these questions and many more is collected in Industry Research, a set of studies and research also based on figures and percentages that will give us ideas to coordinate our Marketing strategies and look for new Markets.
  • Monthly Spotlights: Something like Google Trends but applicable to Facebook. Each month a chart is presented with the topics that have most concerned or have been discussed most (in the United States and Canada).

Best of Facebook Insights IQ:

  • The presentation: Posts with a clean design that make reading easier.
  • Graphics: No doubt the star are the diagrams, infographics and graphics that use to present figures in a clear, visual and easy to understand.
  • Very valuable data on the behavior of the users. If you have customers in the United States and Canada you’re in luck.

What do we miss on Facebook insights IQ?

From our position, we miss global data. As we have said, Facebook Insights IQ reports include high-quality, useful information for advertisers in the United States and Canada, but information is missing for other countries. In addition, the frequency of the publications is quite low and leave us a long time waiting for the next post and with much desire for more.

So, we advise you is to Añadáis Facebook Insights IQ to Favorites or to your list of essential Blogs and we expect impatient to be considered to other countries. Happy reading!

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