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Laura Gimenez

SOCIAL ADS · 20 / 02 / 2020

Learning how the Instagram algorithm works has become a real headache for individuals, influencers and brands. There are thousands of posts on the network talking about Instagram tricks, so today we are going to tell you the whole truth about where to dedicate all your efforts to achieve your goal in the social network. 

In Digital Menta we do not dedicate ourselves to managing our clients’ social networks in an organic way, we focus our energy on creating campaigns in this network to obtain quality results for brands. We do not take care of the editorial content that is uploaded daily on the networks, but many of us have previously worked in a professional way and personally, we all love this network! 

Even so, we are going to give you tricks on an organic level that you should be doing to get yourself positioned and easily found by your followers. Later, I will tell you how to grow much faster in terms of followers, likes, comments, prospects and sales!

Any post or video you see, in which they teach you how to upload these metrics for free, effortlessly, in an exorbitant way and in less than a minute. Run away! It may end up happening the opposite.

Tricks on Instagram to grow organically

Here 15 Instagram tricks to grow organically, which will take time and dedication, but that will be very worthwhile to work: 

  1. Content is the King. You must choose a single topic to talk about in your photos. In fact, it wouldn’t be worth sharing “fashion,” for example. You must choose a niche theme, which in this example would be “dresses for events.” In addition, your content must be consistent with your website and other networks you work. Success is going to be based on showing original content (don’t be an account that copies images): be creative and authentic. If you sell products, do not make all the posts with the product as the protagonist, integrate it into a story that makes it connect with your audience. For example, do not show a dress hanging on a hanger, upload the photo of the model with the dress when you first see your friend dressed as a bride.  
  2. Upload the images in Vertical: in this format you will occupy much more space on the user’s screen than if you upload it horizontally or squarely. Remember to always take the photos vertically, thinking that you may share it later.
  3. Work the description, emojis, try to ask a question to meet your audience but also to increase user reactions and improve engagement with their responses and comments. Many influencers claim that when they have grown the most they have been when their followers have written more comments, because as a result, they have subsequently appeared in more new user feeds.
  4. Use the appropriate Hashtags: in terms of quantity, the ideal would be about 10, and of them, put some related to your brand but do not invent them all. On the contrary, do not use mainstream hashtags that do not define your image. Study what to use, which are used by your competitor, and take care of them. All this will help improve your SEO. Use them in stories too!
  5. Be dynamic and comment on other posts. Browse the profiles of your target audience, or brands larger than you and comment on their images. Contribute interesting things, give your opinion, but never ask for likes or followers. 
  6. Make Direct on Instagram. The moment you activate a live app, it will notify all your connected followers, and in this way you slip into the order of any other Story. It is a method to connect very directly with your followers, which generates a lot of interest because they want to know who is behind an account.
  7. Name your fans (fandom), they will feel an important part of your life. Talk to them, make them participants, ask what they like best about everything you upload, what they would like to know about you or your brand. The answers you get will be very valuable to create content from what they like.Cita sobre seguidores de Instagram
  8. Make giveaways. This will be a post that easily goes viral. It is a practice that we recommend you to do from time to time, but always focused on your brand or product. Do not give away money or a product that is too expensive, as it will attract chick hunters and not your potential client. In addition, always set the conditions of the giveaway for them to comment on the post. We have read small experiments of some accounts that get better positioning when they have more comments compared to likes or follows.
  9. Upload videos. Almost no profile uploads videos frequently, and this can be verified when you do a search for the hashtag, where only one video appears in a header, and since there are fewer people uploading this format, you have less competition for this space and more chances to appear . 
  10. Change your account to professional profile. You can see metrics that will help you know when it is better to publish. In addition, you can later link it to the account with which to advertise.
  11. If you want your stories to stand out above all others, get unique filters. How to do it? For original filters to appear you must follow their creators. Look for these accounts, follow those who have millions of followers, because it will be a good indicator that the filters you create are good; then go to your Stories and there they should appear immediately as an option. 
  12. Label your products if you have an online store. You will have to link your Instagram account with your catalog and you can now tag products just like you can now tag people. In addition, as a novelty, this type of publications can already be sponsored. Tag without fear, because later you can sponsor this content. Here you have more information about Instagram Shopping
  13. If you want them to see your likes or comments, do it in smal that aesthetically resemble your profile. 
  14. l accounts or in those that have just uploaded the content a few seconds ago. Where to find them? Do a search for hashtags and by default you will see the featured posts. Switch to the “recent” tab and choose to comment on the postsUpload both your Stories on Instagram and on Facebook Take advantage of your work and post at the same time on both networks! Just go to Privacy> History> Share your story on Facebook
  15. Get a link in your posts, even if you don’t have more than 10K followers. You just have to upload a video on IGTV and in the description section, put the url you want to direct to. 

We invite you to launch all these Instagram tricks, but by now you will know that social media advertising is one of the best strategies that exist today to grow profitably. 

Trucos en Instagram Ads

Tricks on Instagram Ads

We are going to review some concepts that you must have very clear before you start to set up your campaigns of advertising on Instagram. Whether you are going to take care of planning and executing campaigns, as if someone is going to do them for you, review our list point by point:

1. Be clear about your conversion funnel, how is the process that the user goes through to becoming in your client and subscriber? 

Well, through your publications, you will be able to be guided to make yourself well-known first and know what your name is and what you do, then arouse interest in the way you communicate, with whom you interact, get them to make the decision to choose you, against your competitors and finally leave their contact, email or make their purchase on your website. 

Together we can define this funnel and be able to refine your target audience and guide you towards the sale and subsequent loyalty in networks.  

2. Decide your objective

The safest thing is that you have several objectives in your business, so we will create different campaigns depending on them. We do not recommend doing a campaign with the aim of gaining followers, as it is something that Facebook likes less and less, to directly look for the follow. But calm, because any of the other objectives, indirectly will report more likes and more followers. You can choose to bring traffic to your website, gain visibility, get sales from your Catalog or sell through your website. Do you already know what your goal is? 

3. You will be able to select your audience

As you know, unlike the actions you can do in organic, using advertising on Facebook and Instagram you will be able to decide who sees your post. You will only pay for the users that are most relevant to your brand. 

Taking as an example in previous funnel, you will be able to search for new users relevant to you through interests related to your brand or the product or service you sell. Once we have managed to place cookies on the devices of these users, we can try to reengage them with an offer or proposal that is most relevant to them: show them the shirt they saw on sale, or simply show them just the iPhone model they visited. All this, within the locations of Instagram, either in the news feed that is mixed with that of your friends, or in the Stories.

Citas de trucos en Instagram

4. Adapt the images to the Instagram Network

As you know your paid posts will be intercepts with the posts of your user’s friends. If they quickly detect that all you want is to sell them something, they will ignore your content. Try to keep the designs less promotional in the first phase of prospecting. 

In addition, you will have to take advantage of the fact that we have two different locations to appear in, so you will get many more clicks if you design a format for the Feed and another for Stories. Extra tip: the images for the feed instead of uploading them in the format of 1200 * 625 upload it square and thus take up more space in the user’s mobile. Here you have more information about the formats. 

5. Follow your competitors closely 

Literally, click on the follow button of each of your competitors, and activate notifications to not miss any of them. Also browse their websites, so that later, their Instagram advertising appears on your Instagram. This way you will be up to date with their strategies with almost no effort. 

Try to understand about the frequency of their publications, what day they make greater discounts, with what type of publications generate more engagement, etc. It will give you clues about what works for them at the business level and what doesn’t. 

6. Do many tests until you find the ideal combination.

We will find the combination that works best for you: which campaign objective best meets the business objective, which audiences are most profitable for you and which are the ones that assist us or what type of publication generates more engagement, clicks or sales. All these tests can be done through controlled tests that will allow us to discard until we are left with the structure that benefits us the most.

So far our best tricks for Instagram. If you already use them all, congratulations! And if you want to start any of them, as Digital Menta, we encourage and help you achieve your goal. What are you waiting for to take your Instagram account to the top? Thanks for reading!

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