Rejected ads on Facebook-what to do?

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SOCIAL ADS · 25 / 10 / 2017

“Your ad was not approved because it does not meet our advertising policies” or a bright red button next to what is read “not approved” are some of the indicators of panic in our Facebook campaigns. It means that we have rejected ads on Facebook and that we must act quickly and effectively to solve it.

What to do? Who to talk to? First of all, Keep Calm! We’ve all been through more than once and some of them have to happen too often if they haven’t read and reread the Facebook policies. Let’s look at some of the cases of rejected ads on Facebook and how to solve them. Started?

First things first: Read the policies!

Before you start creating Facebook Marketing We strongly recommend that you study the Facebook Advertising Policies and pay special attention to the Banned content And to the rule of 20% of text in the image, because they are usually the main reasons why we can have ads rejected on Facebook. Better to have clear the limits of entry and not have to take any surprise in hindsight. As you will see, there is not so much content to read so you have no excuse!

In any case, we summarize the main prohibitions below.

Facebook ads: Things you CAN’T do

  • Very IMPORTANT! If you don’t want to have rejected ads on Facebook Make sure you meet the 20% rule in the pictures. This Facebook policy requires that the images we use for advertising are not covered by more than 20% per text. With This tool You will be able to check and make sure you are fulfilling the 100% with this policy. Less is more.  
Rejected ads on Facebook-image with little text

Rejected ads on Facebook – Example of a little text image

  • Beware of Age: Depending on the type of product, it will be apt or not to be shown as ads to minors. An example is alcoholic beverages, according to the minimum age imposed by each country to consume alcohol, we will be able to show ads of these products to people who meet this age requirement. Therefore, if you configure an Ad Set for people between 13 and 27 years in Spain to promote a beer, that announcement would be rejected for not complying with this policy.

  • Defend without attacking! It is important that our advertisements talk about our brand, highlight its advantages and benefits and invite the user to know us. However, this must be achieved without attacking the competition or other advertisers. An example would be the case of contact lenses. You can indicate that the lenses give you great comfort but, to indicate that the glasses are very uncomfortable and that it is better that you use lenses could result in rejected ads on Facebook.

  • Banned Products: The Same in AdWords and as it is logical, you cannot advertise products such as: Non-prescription drugs or illegal drugs, weapons, tobacco, adult products (except contraceptives), etc.

  • Images and moderate content: It is not allowed to use images that are too suggestive or to teach a lot of body. Neither can you show violent or sensational content, nor can you allude to your ads to the race, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation of your audience.

  • Eye to your landings: It is not permissible to use Landing pages That do not work or leave the user out of them.

  • “That button does not play”. It is forbidden to use images that show non-existent functions. For example, a Play button inside an image that you want to imply that you are going to play a video.

And if you still have rejected ads on Facebook…

It is possible that, although we are convinced that we are fulfilling all the advertising policies of Facebook, we reject any of our ads. What can we do then? We must contemplate two scenarios:

  1. Facebook has rejected an ad and, along with it, we can read the reason for rejection. This case is the most common. In most cases, when you have rejected ads on Facebook, you will find a brief explanation of the reason for the rejection, what you have not done right, so that you can correct and re-submit to review. In this case, this solution tends and should suffice.
  2. You have a rejected ad but there is no explanation on the part of Facebook. In this case you will see a message like this:
Rejected ads on Facebook-appeal

Rejected ads on Facebook – no reason for rejection

As you will see, we have rejected an ad but have not specified the Reasons for rejection. They give us the option to “appeal”, you can write a message explaining why your ad is valid to be published and you will receive a response from the Support team explaining what has happened.

In our case, the experience has not been good. The answer we obtained from Support was a “predefined” message that had nothing to do with the real motive of rejection. So, our recommendation is that if you find yourself in this case you directly contact your Account Manager on Facebook to derive it to a qualified team that can give you answers.

By the way! We tell you that, in this case, the reason for the rejection has been because they detected that the brand we were announcing with a new creation advertising account, had previously been announced through an advertising account of an agency that managed Advertising of various advertisers from the same account. We take the opportunity to strongly discourage this way of working. Whether you are an agency or you are going to hire a service. Each advertiser must have and own their own advertising account in order to always be able to keep the information and the valuables of the account.

Have you had any problems with rejected ads on Facebook? Tell us how you solved! We read!  ????

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