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In a world where digital transformation is in our daily lives, Google Certifications help you understand the skills, knowledge and necessary behaviors to provide your customers the digital strategy that makes their company grow, make the growth faster and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

What are Google certifications and what are they made of?

Google Ads certifications are professional accreditations that Google offers to those who master the basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. This certification allows them to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as experts in online advertising.

Through training programs, composed of explanatory texts, images and videos, these certifications help you apply digital solutions that solve business challenges and implement plans, processes and new ways of thinking to help you accelerate digital transformation.

What are Google Certifications for?

As we have said before, Google certifications are mainly used to demonstrate that you know the main Google SEM analytics and positioning tools; Google Ads and Google Analytics.

For an expert in digital marketing, continuing education is an essential requirement; The tools, algorithms and platforms we use in our day to day are constantly changing, the main reason why it is important to keep up. In addition, The main advantage of obtaining Google certifications is that we can demonstrate that we know how to adapt and we are updated on the latest Google tools and products. We can demonstrate that we have the necessary knowledge to carry out a digital marketing strategy.

Advantages offered by Google certifications

It is free and international. The Google Analytics proficiency certificate exam is recognized worldwide and is free.

360 training in the most important areas of digital marketing. According to Google itself, exams and certificates include both basic and advanced concepts. These include concepts that range from implementation and data collection, to training such as conversions and attribution.

Find the material you need: To prepare for the exam, Google Partners puts at your disposal Google Academy courses subtitled in Spanish, as well as other teaching materials such as text, links and images.

Instant Result: After an exam of 70 questions that lasts about 90 minutes, you will know the result instantly.

Up to date. The certificates are valid for 12 months and can renew the title per year. This is important, since it is well known that in the digital marketing environment it is necessary to be updated.

It is a Differential Value. An official certification eliminates the uncertainty of any recruiter or client regarding your capabilities. This Google Analytics certificate gives you extensive knowledge about web analytics and Google operation, very useful in this sector. In addition, it is a basic when it comes to training as a professional in the world of digital marketing

Help your company obtain the Google Partners or Partner Premier badge from Google (later we will explain what it consists of).To obtain either of these two badges, companies must have at least one user affiliated with Google Ads certification.

Before You Begin – How to set up your Academy for Ads account

  1. Create a new user with your Google account. You can use your frequently used email, or associated with a Google account.
  2. Update your profile. Sign in to academy for ads. You can add the name of your company, so that it receives all the updates of your profile and your achievements (if you decide to make your profile public).
  3. Select your language, your email preferences.
  4. Save your changes.

What are the main Google certifications?
Certificaciones de Google



Fundamentals of Google Ads

This evaluation covers basic and intermediate concepts, such as the advantages of online advertising for Google Ads, and best practices for managing and optimizing campaigns on this platform.

Search Advertising

How to create, manage, measure and optimize ad campaigns on the Search Network are some of the concepts discussed in this evaluation. They are both basic and advanced concepts.

Display Advertising

Evaluation deals with concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Display campaigns. This evaluation touches topics a bit more advanced than the basic ones.

Mobile Advertising

In this exam, previous training is about Mobile Advertising; Ad formats, bids and segmentation, as well as the measurement and optimization of campaigns. Essential topics and concepts, since the development of mobile advertising is one of the newest topics.

Video Advertising

The evaluation covers basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising, such as ad formats, bids and segmentation, as well as the measurement and optimization of campaigns.

Advertising in Shopping

To obtain the certification of Advertising in Google Shopping, you will receive training on basic and advanced concepts of advertising for Shopping, such as creating Merchant Center accounts and product data feeds, as well as creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

Advertising in Google Analytics

This exam covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts, including topics such as: planning, principles, implementation, data collection, configuration, administration, conversion, attribution, reports, metrics and dimensions.

As you can see, all are advantages when deciding to take the exams and get Google certifications. As Digital Menta team, we point out the importance of being a Google Partner agency.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner agency?

The fact of being a Google partner, proves that the members of this company have both knowledge and experience in Google Ads. Partner status allows companies to benefit from different advantages, such as the Google Partners badge, which they can display on their websites and marketing materials.

However, to get this badge it is not enough to get the Google Ads certificates mentioned above. There are two more aspects are taken into account.

Google Partner agencies must meet Google’s advertising investment requirements, which have managed to increase revenue for their agencies and customers and have maintained and increased their customer base.

Next, we will explain what are the necessary requirements to be able to get them in your company.

Certificación de Google Partner


You must have a user in your company who has Google Ads certification and administrator or standard access to the administrator account or to the company’s Google Ads sub-administrator.


The advertising investment requirement must be met. This is USD 10,000 in 90 days between all managed accounts. This allows us to demonstrate that the company has a good level of activity.

Company performance

Your company must achieve significant global advertising revenue and growth, as well as strengthen and increase the customer base, to meet performance requirements. To determine if this happens, Google reviews and evaluates Google Ads administrator accounts for businesses. They observe 18 months of activity of the client accounts linked to the administrator accounts. Evaluate the following aspects:

  • Increase in customer revenue
  • Customer loyalty
  • Global increase in revenue
  • Increase in the number of advertisers

As you can see, all are advantages when investing a little of your time in getting Google Ads certifications. At Digital Menta, we all have them, and we would love to know your experience. Tell us in the comments what you think. We read you!


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