What is Feedly For? 8 uses to give this tool

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INBOUND MARKETING · 14 / 10 / 2015

Feedly It is one of the tools par excellence in the digital marketing sector. In recent years, it has become more than an RSS reader, as it is currently considered a fundamental platform for a Inbound Marketing Strategy or from Content Marketing. Still not using it or don’t know how to get enough out of it? Today I bring you 8 ideas to exploit to the maximum all the potential that has feedly. Take notes!

What is the Feedly application for? 8 things you can use it for

1. Trend Search and Channel Inspiration

If you follow the most popular blogs in your sector, just to take a look at your feedly you will be able to extract trends that are being given. For example, which title structure is used, which style of header images triumph, in which days more is published, what kind of content “is fashionable”, etc. This can be used to “get in the car” and try to make it similar or to decide to differentiate yourself and create content that is not being done and with a new style.

At the same time, you can also use it as a channel of documentation, information and inspiration when writing the articles of your blog.

2. Organized Content and time-saving

Feedly helps you to be more productive, because you decide when you dedicate time to read other blogs, you can find the content much faster without revising one by one the fonts and avoid having the inbox of your mail filled with emails from sites that you They are interested and can be “interrupted” when you are doing other tasks.

On the other hand, you have the content organized by categories which helps you to go straight to the point. For example, you can have technology category, another digital marketing, a design, etc. This will depend on the topics you are interested in.

3. Find Influencers or blogs

In Feedly you can do thematic searches and the platform shows you the blogs that more “readers” have and even the number of articles they write per week. This way, you can discover new blogs or influencers that weren’t on your “radar”.

In addition, Feedly has a recommendation functionality: «You might also like», which also helps you discover content similar to what you are already following and can be useful to continue filling your feed with quality sources.


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4. Content Curation Tool

If you are a Community Manager of a company or have a professional blog, it is going to be one of your essential tools for your daily work. As you know, the key to a Social Networking strategy is to provide valuable content for your community. Now, not only you are going to have to share your own content, but the 80% content you share will be virtually external and 20% content will be proprietary or promotional. So, where do we extract that 80% without going crazy? The solution is clearly Feedly!

Dedicate an initial time to create an organized feed and quality traffic sources of the sector, and this later will be a great help. From then on, every new blog you find interesting tries to incorporate it. So over time you’ll have a collection of impressive quality sources, which will make it very quick to keep your Social Networks content.

5. Digital Newspaper: News and Updates of your sector

Feedly could be considered ‘a digital newspaper‘ with the advantage that each one ‘ chooses the content ‘ that interests you. Only with that every day «First hour» of your day dedicate a time to enter your Feedly you will be up to date with all the important and current news of your sector.

If in the presentation format you select «Title Only» You will have a list of industry headlines each day that you can see at a quick glance (if you don’t have time to read in depth).

This will allow you to share the news before anyone or create post in key moments to get more traffic to your blog. Only with the headlines can you get an idea, but the best thing is that you can save the content to read it later in depth, so you never lose that content that has caught your attention.

6. Source of Traffic: Getting visits to your blog

 If all the marketing influencers and people interested in this sector use Feedly to be up to date or the Community Manager of a company to share content, it is essential to get them to include you in your feed because if you create content Interesting will end up Considerándote “source of quality” and also share your content in their social networks.

Includes a banner of Feedly in your blog, create a post talking about this tool or promote that you follow in your Social Networks to get more people to add to your feed. More followers in Feedly, more likely to have your content shared and more visibility.

7. Online and Free Training 

The marketing sector is constantly changing. What you know today may soon become obsolete and every day there is something new to learn. Therefore, work in the position that you work within the marketing, you should create a Feedly to be up to date and continue to educate yourself. You will always find interesting content and learn things from the sector that you probably didn’t know. There are thousands of blogs with tutorials, guides, resources, new ideas, etc. So you have free online training within a click.

8. Analyzing the Competition

Finally, you can create a tab called “competition” with the blogs you consider to be your main rival. In this way, you can follow what they are doing, when they share content, at what times, what they are talking about, what topics they give higher priority, how many readers they have, what style they use, etc.

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Infografia: Tool Feedly Applications

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So far today’s post can you think of more advantages that can bring us this tool? Do not hesitate to tell us, and if you liked the post or has been helpful, sharing is caring!

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