10 key factors to work for Google

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Daniel Quiles

SEM · 09 / 06 / 2015

When we talk about corporate companies, Google certainly takes the cat to the water when it comes to innovation in the management of its employees. In addition, Google gives relevance to a number of factors that many other companies still today do not give them importance. I have recently spoken of the best And the worst things To work on the Internet giant, and now I’m going to tell you what factors to keep in mind to be able to work for Google:

1. Your skills count more than your titles to work for Google

In Google, having a good academic record or several college degrees, is something that is not so important unless you want to opt for an “intern” or “entry-level” position. Google really looks for people who have capabilities and also know how to prove them. It is not enough to have the best MBA in the world or the highest note, your skills is what Google will value on you.

2. Your ability to learn is more important than your current IQ

Learning Ability is an important Factor for Google when deciding who to hire. Although many people may think it might be a good idea to perform an IQ test, what Google is really looking for is the potential for personal and professional growth. This is because to be able to grow at the pace that has done in recent years and be able to adapt to changing trends, what you really need is human capital that is liquid.

Oficinas de Google-Trabajar para Google.

Google office Image

3. Your professional experience can be an obstacle

People with a high degree of professional experience often have adopted habits and ways of doing things that prevent them from being flexible when it comes to innovation. A company like Google constantly needs new ideas to continue developing and improving its products and probably people with less experience and more creativity than those who have worked for several years in the sector.

4. Knowing when to lead and when to delegate power

Google is a factory of leaders and therefore they always look for profiles that are able to be sure of what they do and at the same time that they have capacity of adaptation. Good leaders know perfectly well that elements are necessary for a project to go ahead, but they also know when to step back so that someone with more experience can take the reins at any given time. To get to work for Google, the fundamental thing is to be an effective leader, ie you have to be willing to give up power. Personally I have came across with many promising talents who have not been able to measure their power to give it up and this has cost them very expensive professionally.

5. Feel like you are the owner of Google

Although for many working for a company without owning can exclude them from some responsibility, the truth is that Google wants you to feel as if the company were yours.Not only does it every time they hire giving you a share of the actions, also want leaders to each project as if your own company is being treated and thinking that your result will affect you, not just the company.

6. Think of big projects

Google seems very bored that you have small ideas, because to get high and far you have to have great ideas, which are daring and innovative. If cars that drive alone or horses-remote control robots, it sounds like a lot, Google is not the right company for you. Once I heard at an internal meeting that “people don’t really want Google to answer their questions, as in the case of the seeker, but they want me to mark a trend of what the future will be like, with ideas that guide the change of a whole society.”

Instalaciones de Google- Trabajar para Google

Google Office Facilities

7. Look for what is unexpected

A large part of Google’s technology, from something as basic as the search engine to cars that drive alone, was something no one had ever raised before. Google’s strategy is not based on developing existing products to compete in that market, but on developing new products that can be carried from the beginning 100% of the existing market.

8. The profitability of the projects is not the first thing

Google believes that the priority of a product must be first to create an added value or an industry or society. A lot of Google projects did not intend to make money when they were released, but that was changed when that product was made necessary for consumers and it was possible to develop a business model.

9. Devote time to other projects

Although sometimes it is difficult to take time off in working hours, the truth is that working for Google allows you to dedicate up to 20% of your time to other parallel projects. Many of the products and Google Services They were born from a parallel dedication to the main project.

10. Failure is a necessary step towards success

For every project that succeeds within Google, there are dozens of them that never come to light and many that fail within a few months. One of the most recent cases is the Google-Glass, to the point that Google recently announced the temporary stoppage of the project to give it another approach. When it comes to working for Google, you don’t have to be afraid to go wrong or fail, because it will mean that you won’t be putting all the interest in the project going well.


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