AdWords Scripts: Weekly Bid Modifier

A few weeks ago, we wrote article that talked about the AdWords scripts and how these can help us to automating our account.

Today we would like to share with you an AdWords script that allows you to automate bid management 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

In most accounts, we find that conversion rates vary greatly throughout the day and on different days, however, the standard Google AdWords setup Ads is only allowed six auction periods in a day and for more advanced accounts or in accounts where every hour of the day changes the behavior, those stripes are not enough.

To solve this problem, we share this personalized Ad programming tool that allows to change the offers of every hour of each day, and that is four times more sensitive than Adwords, Marín and Kenshoo. This ensures that we are making a more aggressive offer at optimal times and maximizing the efficiency of our accounts.

If you haven’t run any scripts before, you can read the introduction to AdWords Scripts guide and you can see each step in detail.

Before you run it, you first have to make sure you have the correct settings. There are some things to configure:

Step by step to use the script:

  1. The offer multipliers go from a Google spreadsheet and the URL you must change it just after “spreadsheetUrl”. We recommend that You create a copy of this template so you can configure it according to the needs you have. The document must be like this:


AdWords Scripts Bid Modifier

In cells B2 to H25 you will see the adjustment of the offer multipliers for each hour of the day. In the case of introducing a bid multiplier of 0%, this will not change any offer of the AdWords account, and 25%/– 25% of multiplier, increases/decreases the bids by 25%. -100% and in the case of leaving a blank cell, the ads will be paused.

If you want to use mobilemultipliers, you will see that in the second tab of the document is the part for this type of devices.

2. It is necessary to indicate the variables to “shoppingCampaigns” To True If we want to affect this type of campaign or False If we only want the settings for the search and display network.

3. If you also want to use the modifier for mobile bids, you must indicate “runMobileBids” to True or to False If you just want to change the ad schedules.

4. If you would only like to use these multipliers in some campaigns, you should indicate “excludeCampaignNameContains” and “includeCampaignNameContains” writing what should or should not be in campaign names.

Finally, you will have to configure the execution of the script every hour so you can update the correct configuration for AdWords campaigns.

I hope this script will help you improve the conversion in slots. Next week, we’ll share another script that helps you identify opportunities for these fringes.

Written by

Daniel Quiles

SEM · 31 / 08 / 2016

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