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SEM · 21 / 04 / 2015

Those of us who are followers of a football team do not usually choose for rational reasons and in the case that we do not like, change to another better. Regrettable or fortunately we will be fans of that team forever.

Fortunately in the digital world, neither the strategies nor the tools used to analyze them are forever and we can change and use as many as we want, and at any time. It Is As if each year we could choose to be the team that will win the Champions League. In this way, we would always be happy. ????In this post we will talk about a spectacular tool to spy on our online competition. It has two versions, but its free version (which is what we’re going to talk about here) offers high-utility information that all the people who work in Digital Marketing should at least review. This tool is Similar Web.

Logo Similar Web-Tool for Competency analysis

Similar Web: The Company

It’S A Company founded in 2009 in London. It Offers web Analytics, data Mining and business intelligence services for international organizations. Use the Big Data to collect, measure, analyse and provide user relationship statistics for both websites and mobile applications.

A walk through the SimilarWeb tool

The first thing that asks SimilarWeb is to introduce which website we want to analyze. Here The first thing we should mention is that the tool needs a medium traffic volume of a few thousand visits per month. Without This it will not offer us enough information of the company to analyze.

Once we include the domain, we begin to understand the power of this tool.

First, you have to be cautious with any traffic analysis tool and more if you infer the information. However, and taking this into account, it will serve us to compare the different Digital Strategies No problem.

Similar Web-Analysis of Online Competition

Screenshot of Similar Web for Online competition

Main Data for Online Competition analysis with SimilarWeb

  • Traffic trend over the last few months; Useful for detecting seasonality or, in other words, what our competition is doing to check whether it generates a positive or negative impact on your website traffic. Web Analytics Metrics; This is like we have a little analytics inside our client’s website. A little spy in The Palace, come on. Time on page, pageviews and even bounce rate. Traffic sources; Very useful and valuable information. It tells Us what mix of traffic sources are being used to generate traffic. If we are in an initial phase of strategy analysis It will give us a very good direction on what marketing actions we should include within our strategic plan.
  • Traffic Geography; Very useful for companies that intend to expand markets or want to understand which markets may not be covering the competition.
  • Reference sites; A very useful report to find places where we should be and contact to generate an extra volume of traffic and most likely high quality.
  • Search Traffic; For us an essential aspect. We, as search engine experts, use this section to understand the proper balance of paid vs. unpaid traffic, as well as what keywords are being used (brand or product).

Online Competency Analysis-Search Traffic

Online Competency Analysis-Search Traffic

  • Social Traffic; We can see what social networks are using competition to generate social traffic. Facebook or Twitter usually generate the highest volume of traffic followed by Youtube, but every time we see more traffic from Pinterest and other social networks that need to be on the radar.
  • Hearings And Interests; Thanks to this information we will understand what tastes and interests have the people who visit the web domain analyzed. This will help us a lot for any type of marketing action.
  • Landing pages; Another key aspect of this tool. Knowing which digital assets different from the corporate Web site uses our online competition for online marketing campaigns is a very interesting thing.
  • Display Ads; Something very useful to investigate the creativity of our online competition. It Will show Us a subset of graphic ads, enough to understand what trends the industry follows at design level.
  • Apps; It tells us if the domain has associated mobile applications, both for Google Play and for Itunes.
Online Competency Analysis

Online Competency Analysis-Ads

As you can see, the utility of this tool is very high in its free version, so if you have the ability to use it sure you plantearéis access to the Pro version, which is even more useful and offers many other things like analysis of industries Etc…


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