Bing Ads Day: News, improvements and a talk with Gerard from Digital Menta

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Gerard Hoogeveen González

SEM · 10 / 11 / 2016

On November 7th, it was Bing Ads Day at the Microsoft office in Barcelona. Attended a varied mix of advertisers and agencies and throughout 3 presentations we had access to the latest news and pilot programs Bing. At the end of the session, I had the honor of participating in a talk with Raquel Tejedor about our experience with Bing Ads and its use by most advertisers of Digital Menta . This is our story of that evening!

The use of Bing Ads in Digital Menta , an independent media agency

Presentation of Digital Menta Moments before the talk during Bing Ads Day.

Presentation of Digital Menta Moments before the talk during Bing Ads Day.

Thank you Bing for inviting us to participate in this talk with Raquel Tejedor about our experience with your ad platform!

In the interview I explained that it all started in April when we realized that although we already used their channel for some advertisers, we had a good opportunity to expand with everyone else. Thereafter he started a collaboration with Bing Dublin’s team to set up an account for everyone who could benefit from it.

To summarize, I explained that we decided to expand to see that In Bing we Got CPCs minor and that although the traffic is much smaller, users respond to the ads and can get to offer 10% additional sales per advertiser. This result is not at all negligible (at least for us and our clients) so Raquel asked me how we made the process internally and with our advertisers.

We also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the platform that I would summarize with these two contested axes: new SEM audience and greater purchasing power VS Limited volume. After analyzing this peculiarity, I commented that it may be an advantage to recommend Bing Ads when an advertiser only wants to try the SEM on a very small budget and you need to show that the channel has potential.

Here’s another picture, Bing Greetings from Digital Menta!

Gerard and Raquel talking about the blog of Digital Menta .

Gerard and Raquel talk about the blog of Digital Menta During the Bing Ads Day in Barcelona.

SEM with Bing Ads in the Spanish digital ecosystem

Before our interview, Bing team people communicated in 3 presentations the general and vertical data of Bing, the latest digital trends, its latest improvements and innovations and active pilot programs or on the way. Let’s take this opportunity to summarize the most interesting points.

Bing Ads usage Data:

In The first presentation we saw Bing usage data in Spain, where they have a unique search 8 million audience equivalent to a 8.5% market share and 175 million of monthly searches.

They also commented on the 3 most important trends in Information Technologies:

  • Internet of Things
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Big Data

They detailed that in 2017 the SEM would evolve into commercial interactions through chats with Artificial Intelligence bots and that the Big Data can make digital advertising campaigns 375% more effective.

Finally, we review the audience and traffic data of the main verticals that will grow more expensive to Christmas.

The latest and upcoming news from Bing Ads

Review of the novelties and improvements presented in the Bing Ads Day, in order of importance (we believe) ????:

  • Bing Shopping: at last! Bing unveils its own version of Shooping to be able to compare products and prices directly from the search results page. According to Bing, these campaigns have 29% less CPC and 49% more Conversion Rate.
    At the moment it will be available to advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia. We hope you get to Spain as soon as possible!
  • Improved Site Links: Now the titles will come with descriptions, you can configure 10 by group and there will be specific for mobile. It is very good to use them for aincrease the relevance.
  • Location Extension: Such as AdWords, is activated within a radius of 80 km and gives up to 2 directions.
  • Reviews: Highlights of trusted third-party reviews and clicks you receive are free.
  • UET: is the new universal event tracking tag. A single is enough to track conversions, and allow Enhanced CPC and search remarketing.

If you wish, here You can find the latest updates.

Review of the pilot programs and upcoming Bing Ads revelations

Bing Ads Editor For Mac: How much we missed you! The pilot has started globally and we hope it will be available to everyone as soon as possible. Because of this only half of the equipment has been able to operate with as much flexibility as possible. We love this news!

Expanded Text Ads: Bing joins the train and will play the transition to these ads that allow you to add more information and present a better mobile experience.

Bing Native Ads: It is an expansion of your search ads to special spaces on Microsoft-owned media. For example your ads can be released on the news pages

This type of announcements will allow to expand the volume of the search ads very easily and will be self-segmented through the “smart pricing”, designed to integrate all the data of audience, context and behavior (remarketing) possible and thus contribute a ROI comparable to SEM.

Dynamic Search ads: Another pilot that is only available in US and in English, but we are very eager to reach Spain as soon as possible. These campaigns are always good to make sure you leave no proof of keywords in the inkwell.

Automated Imports: It will allow you to automate and plan the import of campaigns from other advertising platforms (currently available only in English, US and UK).

Expanded Device Segmentation: This pilot is global and available to all, it allows to adjust independently the bid modifier of each type of device, whether computer, mobile or tablet. Hey, and will allow you to deselect mobiles or tablets if those devices do not render!

Exclusion Of Search Remarketing: a very interesting but specialized functionality. With this global pilot you can set up negative audiences at ad group level to better control impacted users.

Expanded Site Links: will allow you to associate up to 20 site links with each group, and provide specialized and granular reports to improve your performance and management.

Another complementary pilot to almost all the extensions will allow to program them to be activated during certain hours or up to a certain moment, in order to create more customized experiences and to have more control on the offers that are communicated through the extensions.

Finally, there are more pilots on the way to features that will be very welcome, including:

    • Labels — to segment campaigns, keywords, and whatever you want.
    • Apps Installation Announcements: to encourage downloading apps as quickly as possible.
    • Bing Data and Campaign Viewer: allows you to create simple dashboards, charts, and reports to debrief your campaign data.

Bing Ads Day: a success

In conclusion, the Bing Ads days was, in my opinion, a success.

Digital Menta he had the opportunity to communicate his experiences and learning in the use of Bing Ads during the last months in addition to meeting other fellows as we are Synapses and Visionclick (Greetings from Digital Menta it was a pleasure!).

On the other hand Bing’s team, from Raquel Tejedor to Antonino Gangemi and passing by Pablo Laucirica and company, did a great job encouragement with all the changes and improvements they are launching at the moment.

We hope that these novelties encourage you to continue exploring, or to try it if you have not already done, the universe of Bing Ads!


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