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Daniel Quiles

SEM · 20 / 09 / 2016

All the people that we dedicate ourselves to the marketing, we use a lot the heat maps when analyzing data and being able to make decisions in a more visual way. These help us to make it much easier to visualize the data in an intuitive way and are especially good to see how it changes, for example, the buying habits during each hour of the day and the seven days of the week, something almost impossible with a number table.

Over the last few months, we have been analyzing the possibilities of using AdWords Script to improve the management and optimization of our account and today I will tell you how to create a heat map of an AdWords account.

What exactly does this code do?

Very simple, this script automatically obtains the data of our account, according to the period of time that we have selected and analyzes the totals of each hour of the day and of all the days of the week, then shows them in a GOOGLE spreadsheet And it shows us the form of a heat map, the impressions, clicks, conversions and bid modifiers.

What do we do now with all this data?

For now, take a look at a new way to analyze what is happening in our AdWords account during the 24 of the day. Then I recommend that you select different periods of time, to analyze the evolution of conversions and metrics in general, to evaluate how the account has been changed in recent months. You will also be able to configure, as explained in my last post, a bidding adjustment for every hour of the day so that we can be more efficient in our investment.

Mapa de Carlor con Adwords y sus Impresiones

Heat map with Adwords and their impressions

What period should I compare my data to?

This depends a bit on the type of industry and sector in which we are, because in some cases make a comparison Month to month (MoM), however other sectors more seasonal, we should buy the period with the same year before or even Make an income estimation and growth year by year (YoY).

Mapa de Carlor con Adwords y sus conversiones

Heat map with Adwords and their conversions

For the script to provide us with aggregate information and with which we can make appropriate decisions, we should have a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks and a high volume of conversions for our industry. If you want, you can do tests with different periods of time and compare the results obtained, to see if there are big differences.

How do we use the script?

To use the script correctly, you should first make a copy of this document to have it in your Google Drive account and that must be the same one that has administrator or standard access in Google AdWords.

If you are still not familiar with AdWords scripts, I recommend reading the article, where we explain in detail, how to start step by step, with the Different scripts.

After having made a copy of the template, we should enter the script that we have below in our AdWords account and configure the following parameters:

  • SPREADSHEETURL: IS The URL of the copy of the template you have on your Google Drive. This is where we visualize the heat map.
  • DateRanges: is the date range from which we would like to get the heat map. The intervals use the following format of date «YYYY-MM-dd, YYYY-MM-DD.»
  • IgnoreDates: used to exclude certain days of analysis, if you want to exclude more than one day, should be separated by comma in the format «YYYY-MM-DD».
  • Fields : Here we will indicate the different fields that we want to calculate.
  • CampaignNameContains and campaignNameDoesNotContain: used to segment campaigns by name, whether or not they include a particular text in the name, for example “IS” or “RMKT”
  • IgnorePausedCampaigns: This is to indicate if we want to include in the analysis the campaigns or not paused.

Once the basic configuration is done, you can run the script and you will have your first heat map of your AdWords account.
If you have any question, you can write a comment or contact us and we will help you for free to configure your scripts.


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