Advantages of combining SEO and PPC in your digital strategy

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Aina García

SEO · 24 / 10 / 2017

The online market is very dynamic. A digital marketing strategy that works a month, can be a disaster the next. This makes it very difficult for small businesses and start-ups to develop persistent strategies that meet customer expectations over a long period of time.

Where to begin?

Today you can say that search engine positioning is what attracts more visits to a website in the long run. Recent studies conclude that natural search results (SEO) have 75% search volume while pay-per-click (PPC) receives the remaining 25% and yet, it remains with more than 80% of the budget of the Online advertising campaigns.

PPC or SEO? Which strategy is better?

Ventajas de combinar SEO y PPC en tu estrategia digital

The SEO positioning is the process to increase the classification of a search engine from our site, with the use of specific Keywords and high quality content. The components of this process are:

    • Page optimisation — involves altering metadata and keyword density to allow search engines to easily track.
    • Use of external links.
    • Backlinks to our site from a number of sources that bring us relevance.

The SEO requires a lot of patience, although it can bring great benefits. In the Long-term it can guarantee more traffic by ensuring a greater return for every euro spent, but in most cases this organic traffic can be very slow and surpassed by competitors. Nor it can be segmented by geographical location or by the interests of the people we will reach.

On the other hand, PPC is the strategy that companies use the most to have presence in the best places within the pages of search results, and only pay for their advertising when users click on the link to their destination page. That is to say, the paid search dominates the content above the organic results.

These are advertisements that attract the attention of users and that are related to the consultation they have made, with the main objective of attracting the attention of the relevant traffic that will eventually convert.

The strategy of PPC is very successful and has an attractive balance between risk and profits, because the cost per click tends to be low.

As for the results, this type of campaign we get from the first moment, therefore has advantages over the SEO because we position the keywords we want to offer immediate results.

In general it gives very good results, because we can choose the Landing page and attract “self-segmented” traffic, which is looking for something related to what we want.

When it comes to making our digital marketing plan, knowing what these two strategies offer is key and, for this reason, in Digital Menta today, we want to pay special attention to the combination of Search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Ventajas de combinar SEO y PPC en tu estrategia digital

Why should these two strategies be combined?

Google has concluded that even when advertisers appear as the first organic result of a given keyword, 50% of the clicks they receive in the ads are not replaced by clicks on organic results when the ads are not present.

So, with the use of both, the possibilities of clicks and conversions of a particular product will be duplicated if it is shown as an advertisement and also as the number one of the organic search results.

In the example below you can see that Booking has combined its SEO and PPC campaigns. Not only is the best result paid by the keyword “booking hotels Madrid”, but it is also the best organic search result.

What a study from Google has determined in this case is that, without that result of the higher ad, Booking would be losing 50% of the clicks to your site.

Ventajas de combinar SEO y PPC en tu estrategia digital

With all this we want to say that the combination of the ads and the high classification in the keywords would make that two paths of access are provided for the users, that gradually they will begin to convert.

Total traffic would also increase dramatically through the segmentation of payment and organic clicks for high-performance keywords, as well as your brand’s reputation for strong visibility, both organically and in payment.

Finally, with both strategies it would be present in the objective of the users at all stages of its process, from the research to the comparison, and from the comparison to the purchase.

A very useful strategy for small businesses

PPC and SEO, in general, are looking to increase a company’s audience, but for small businesses it can be very difficult to combine all of these approaches effectively.

For young companies the combination of both strategies is key to quickly build your reputation and audience.

Extra Tip!

How to attract our customers to our website?

It is necessary that this step is as easy as possible for our clients to convert, and for this we must consider three components:

    • Content: It must be easy to understand.
    • Links: They must be obvious for easier browsing around the site.
    • Design: It must be appropriate for the company and, most importantly, adapted to what the customers are looking for. A big complaint can be the dead pages, so it is imperative to make sure that everything is fully operational.

 Getting customers is just the first step, as we also have to be sure that our website is up to the promises we have made in our ads. Once you get the first few clicks, we also need to make sure that visitors spend time visiting our site.

To do this, we have to use Google Analytics, where we have access to metrics that indicate the behaviour of the users on our site, and where we will check our rate of rebound (visitors who leave the page before interacting with it). If we have a percentage that we consider elevated, it can be due to reasons that affect the usability of the page, such as loading times or their design.

Ventajas de combinar SEO y PPC en tu estrategia digital

And the final decision is…

As we said at the beginning, it is true that the world of digital marketing is very inconstant, but now that you know the advantages of COMBINING SEO and PPC can significantly increase the chances of success of your business, as you will reach a public quality of a more profitable and fast way.

In an ideal world, this integrated strategy is the optimal approach. Both have advantages and disadvantages and work best when they support each other. If you have the ability to do SEO and PPC together, you will be able to get the best results.

Follow our tips from this article and you will get high quality visits with a good short-term ROI. You’ll tell us!

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