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SOCIAL ADS · 01 / 07 / 2019

Facebook and Instagram are much more than two social networks, they are two wonderful advertising platforms with which to reach a large number of users in Spain.

According to IAB Europe 85% of the Spanish population between the ages of 16 and 65 use social media and the first social network in number of users is Facebook 87% of these. I mean more than 22 million of these users. Fourth (after WhatsApp and YouTube) by number of users is Instagram, with the particularity of being the social network that has grown the most in users in 2018.

With this information we cannot leave Facebook and Instagram out the advertising strategy of our eCommerce, and to do so Facebook, with its advertising platform Facebook Ads, allows us to impact all these users and offers us several types of campaigns, segmentationsAnd Adsespecially focused on eCommerce with the objectives of maximise sales volume and return on investment.

ECommerce campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

The type of campaign par excellence with which we can target Facebook and Instagram users are those of “Catalog Sales”. With them, we can get to dynamically customize which products we show which users based on behavior of these.

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Through a data feed in which we turn to Facebook with our product catalog and the installation of a tracking pixel on our website, facebook is able to show the user the product(s) in which the user has already shown interest, thus making advertising efforts much more effective (and profitable).

However, these product catalog campaigns aren’t just for dynamic remarketing. In addition, with the information that Facebook has about the user on its platform and that of the products of our catalogs, it is also able to “prospect” new users who do not know our products or our brand and make them discover us users that Facebook’s algorithm determines are more valuable to us.

ECommerce-focused targeting

In addition to the classic audiences that the tool offers us, such as interest targeting, Facebook and Instagram have also thought of targeting solutions for our particularities such as eCommerce. The most useful would be:

  • Direct our ads to users who have seen the file of one (or several) of ours, but have not bought them. Showing them these same products they’ve been interested in. We even have the possibility to offer them a personalized discount.
  • Target our ads to users who have added some of our products to the cart, but they haven’t bought it. These users have still shown a greater interest in our products and maybe they just lack this final push to decide.
  • Cross-selling: Target our ads to users who have already purchased certain products from us and show them those complementary products or accessories they may also be interested in.

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ECommerce-specific ad formats on Facebook and Instagram

Mainly there are 2 types of ads that offer the most interesting and rich user experience for an eCommerce.

First, Multi-product Carousel ads in which I can show the user all the products in which he has shown interest, or a selection of these or similar others.

facebook instagram

And secondly, Collection ads. With them we can show our product catalog accompanied by a promotional image or video. These ads offer the user a richer experience with which to discover, explore and buy products that is specially optimized for mobile devices; devices from which 43% of users buy online.

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So would be the user experience of a Catalog Sales Collection ad on Facebook


facebook instaram

So would be the user experience of a Catalog Sales Collection ad on Instagram

What goals should my Facebook and Instagram campaigns have for eCommerce? 

The end of the day, the purpose of our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram should be no different from the one we have for our online store or for the other channels. This can happen by getting the maximum orders to empty a stock spike we have, or it can be getting the X. Facebook and Instagram billing volume allow us to work our campaigns with these goals.

With the information facebook collects from the user on our website and on its platform, and the product information it has thanks to the Product Feed, Facebook’s algorithm will work to achieve the goal that you mark it.

Here are the goals That Facebook can work with:

  • Value: The delivery of ads to people will be optimized in order to maximize the total purchase value generated and achieve the highest return on ad spend possible. With this, we can leave the tool to work with the maximum possible return for the investment we have; or on the contrary we can define a minimum of ROAS that the tool has to comply with.

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  • Conversion Events: Ad delivery will be optimized for people who are most likely to take a conversion action when they see a product in your catalog. That is, you will maximize the volume of orders and sales of products, regardless of the value of the products.

Extra Checklist!

But it’s not just sales that lives an ecommerce. Don’t forget to review this Facebook and Instagram resource checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities:

  • Create campaigns Web traffic that allow you to attract maximum traffic to your online store for the lowest cost (lower CPC). This will feed your funnel above and nurture Remarketing campaigns.
  • Create campaigns Conversion to the Webto attract to your website users who Facebook and Instagram consider to be more likely to end up buying. This type of campaign works perfectly with remarketing audiences.
  • Create campaigns Generation of Potential Customers. Getting your leads in touch can be a powerful tool to speed up their purchase.
  • Create campaigns Visits to your businessPhysical. If you also have a network of conventional stores, you can use your potential shoppers’ mobile device to point out in their Maps app where your nearest store is located.
  • Create Messenger campaigns to start conversations with potential customers who may have doubts about your products.
  • Get public tests to determine which audiences are the best results bring you.
  • Don’t leave out the Remarketing. Successfully install the Facebook pixel so you can create audiences with users who visit your website, or add products to your cart.
  • Get creative tests. Try different types of images and videos.
  • Get copy tests. Try different advertising messages.
  • Test ad formats. Don’t forget the formats of Carousel, Video, Image, Canvas, Collection.
  • Get location test. Test the entire location network. From Instagram Stories to third-party apps.
  • Creates Exclusive Deals for your Facebook followers. Offer them an additional discount for being your followers.
  • Turn your catalog on Facebook Ads.
  • Stream your database on Facebook, make it easy for the tool to find new customers with your historical data.
  • Creates similar hearingsfrom your current buyers.
  • Use the tool Audience Statistics (Audience Insights) to learn about the interests of your followers.
  • Review your account attribution. You may want to exclude post-view sales from your results.
  • Take advantage of Facebook Analyticsto see analytical data from your website crossed out with your campaigns.
  • Creates personalized reportsto measure the KPIs that interest you the most.

These are the options for campaigns, targeting, ads and goals that Facebook and Instagram offer us so that we can chart our strategy on these networks for our online store. However, Zuckerberg’s company has developed a good tool where you can communicate with your brand partners whatever your goal, from the direct sale of online products, such as the acquisition of Leads in B2B hearings.

For all this, whatever your business, It’s quite likely that Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms to reach your potential customers. In Digital Menta we will always be happy to help you figure out how you can do it in the most effective way.

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