Improve your Conversion Rate: 5 Key Aspects

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UX · 16 / 06 / 2015

Conversion rate is one of the most important aspects when it comes to improving lead generation and online sales. However, very often it is not analyzed and works as it should. Today we will review several factors to consider to improve your performance:

1. The quality of the payment traffic (PPC):

Even though all the roads we built in Digital Menta They lead to Rome (that is, they target specific objectives), these roads have traffic of different quality and effectiveness. The biggest differences are between the different channels, but you can also see between the same channel campaigns.

In both cases that can be very easily verified in the conversion rate of each one. Search campaigns, for example, tend to have a fairly high conversion rate (about 3% ideally), While the Display often does not exceed 1%. At the cost level by conversion or Lead, that is offset in the CPC differences of each, but both percentages also indicate the high number of users who, in the end, have not been interested. The explanation for these differences is quite obvious: a person who has searched for certain information already has a concern in mind, while someone you have impacted through the Display tends to be farther away in the purchase funnel. In short, your mental configuration when you get to your website is different.

Therefore, it is very important to understand that certain searches or visitors of supports express different psychological needs by the user. For example, we can address a person who is looking for HR online masters on Google, or we can address a visitor under 25 years on a website with information on human resources and the best companies in the sector. In the first case, the user will want to know specific data about the course (when it starts, where, who teaches and how much it costs), while in the second he still needs to understand why this is the profession to which he must dedicate his life and how you as a university you can Help you reach your dreams.

And here’s the crux of the matter. Whether we’re talking about channels or campaigns, are we sending each user to a target page that responds to their specific needs? Have we thought about your psychological and emotional predisposition? If the answer is affirmative, we are doing well and we will be closer to achieving an effective conversion rate.

2. A landing page of quality

Conversion rate-landing Page

Example of a landing Page

Following the example of before, on many occasions The Advertiser (the university in this case) dedicates the majority of his time and effort to provide a service in the best possible way, and consequently knows all the details and peculiarities of his sector. It also has a clear view of the other institutions involved and their strengths and weaknesses, information that the user does not have. In this sense it is very difficult to see oneself with ‘ New eyes ‘ and understand that the landing page is the first impression of the institution, and that due to the limited information it has has to reach immediate conclusions about its interlocutor and Potential service provider.

Have you ever wondered? Does your user want to know the teaching hours of each class, what books will study and how credits are compatible at European level? Or you still need to know what will each class do for you in the future, if the university offers sports or what is the demographic distribution of your students?

We analyze it every day and, whatever the sector, we know which methodology generates a positive, safe and reliable impression of it as advertiser while simultaneously, the user gets the most relevant information he needs as quickly Possible. The more confusion the user has, the worse the conversion rate will be.

To achieve these objectives and summarize, An optimal landing Page It has to be clear, to contain the necessary basic information, to generate confidence and to communicate both intellectually and emotionally with the user.

At the content level, for example, it is very important to communicate only what the user ‘ needs to know ‘, reduce content related to what ‘ should know ‘, and avoid entering (at the moment) in what ‘ might know ‘. This simple mental rule allows us to wrap the information to what is really important, decreasing the time spent by the user when making a decision. That does not mean that you do not end up learning what you need to know or that you do not discover things closer to the ‘ might know ‘, but these layers of information should be reserved for more advanced moments in the purchase process (for example, when you are on the phone).

3. Serving the user in the most convenient way improves the conversion rate

On many occasions the management of Information requests is an expensive and difficult logistical aspect for the advertiser, to the point that limits the access points to facilitate their management. Obviously we can not do everything but, once the users are in the landing Page, have we really analyzed what is the best way to start our relationship with the new potential client?

Unfortunately it is not always the case and this automatic decision that we take in a reasonable way thinking about the resources and “What I have done so far” can end up by getting out very expensive! The reality is that every user who can contact you in the way you want your turn supplier will have more confidence in the company and, above all, you will see reduced your level of effort and minimum commitment to a satisfactory level that will allow you to get informed and closer to Rome ‘ by itself.

To achieve this goal is important to put ourselves in the skin of the user and consider (and check) that communication channel tends to like more. Currently in Spain the channels to consider are: payment gateway online, phone, email, Whatsapp, web chat and visit to physical store.

As you can see there are many aspects to take into account when improving the conversion rate of our landing pages. The analysis should not be reduced only to the origin of the traffic, either by channel or campaign, or be limited to a destination page that we find attractive. To increase the conversion rate and maximize the effectiveness of online advertising, we must meet the needs of users with customized content, apply a design methodology for the target pages and ensure that We serve our potential clients in the most practical way for them.

4. AB Testing and Unbounce: The tool to create and test landings without being a programmer.

Human nature is inscrutable and as such, one of the greatest mysteries of online advertising is to elucidate what has made a landing go very well, when another similar was so bad.

If we add to this the complexity of creation and the time consumed of a resource as limited as it is the IT Department of a company, we are not surprised that it is difficult to devote the necessary resources to verify exactly what works and what does not. The objective itself is difficult, because it requires testing tiny changes systematically in a landing and see how it affects the results. In summary, it is understood that improving our conversion rate with AB Testing It is an aspect in which many advertisers need help.

For this we have Unbounce. An economic service (in its most basic strip only 55 €/month) that allows the marketing manager to create customised, attractive and conversion oriented landings without even having IT knowledge.

Their landings are easy to configure and are always directed to promote conversion rate improvements. Includes features such as:

    • “Drag and Drop” modules depending on the content you want to teach
    • Decorate and customize, even putting background images (which is very fashionable!)
    • ‘ Dynamic text substitution ‘ according to the search the user has made,
      • Analytics Tags Manager, AdWords, etc. to keep track of all the activity and contributing factors to the final conversion,
      • Are responsive to mobiles,
    • Link them with most complementary web services such as lead managers, emails, optimization services, etc (with popular vendors such as ThemeForest, SalesForce, Zoho, HubSpot, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp and more).
Improves conversion rate

Improve conversion rate with unbounce

With all this and more, it is possible to imagine a situation in which, with a little time and patience, we are able to determine which designs, configurations and communicative styles engage the most productive conversations with our potential clients and bring the best results.

Another very similar service, also aimed at creating multiple landing pages to maximize conversion rates, is called Optimizely.

5. User experience in your landing: or how Crazy Egg can help you convert more.

Another big problem when optimizing landing pages and trying to increase that elusive conversion rate is to know exactly what your users do when navigating. There are ‘ traditional ‘ tools like analytics that allow us to know traffic quantities, time of stay, origin and profile of the traffic and interaction with the different buttons and contents, but they do not allow us to identify the true behavior. For this we have Crazy Egg.

Crazy Egg is a digital version of what I gave you before an old marketing research with visual scanning analysis. Have you never seen one of these images?

Improves conversion rate with Crazyegg

Example of how users actually use your Web

Well, now you can know how your traffic interacts with your Landing page Beyond what we’re used to. Apart from knowing details about where visitors from different channels Click, you can now know with Crazy Egg How many move the screen down to where, where they click and where not (even a button or not), and many more details. In short, for less than €100 a month you can see what needs to be changed in your landings to further improve your conversion rate.

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