10 Essential tools for AdWords

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Aina García

SEM · 26 / 01 / 2018

If you manage large-scale AdWords accounts without the right tools, you’ll agree with us that all the information you manage can get over you. The world of PPC has a lot of metrics and results that we have to analyze day after day, thousands of keywords that need to be optimized… does it ring a bell?

In this post you will find 10 essential Tools For AdWords, thanks to which you save time, and manage and Optimize your Accounts in a more effective way.

Making reports

1) NinjaCat

NinjaCat It is a software for reporting that is designed primarily for PPC agencies and has clients such as Hanapin Marketing. It allows you to create customer reports and monitor budgets, and is known to be highly customizable.


2) Supermetric

This tool It has a template library that allows you to create several different reports within the Google sheets.

Some of its templates allow you to track customer budgets, perform year-to-year benchmarks, and split tag-based test ads and monthly PPC reports with a high level of detail.

3) Jimmydata

Jimmydata has the confidence of more than 6,000 advertisers and allows to create reports from Adwords, Bing and analytical data.

The report editor you provide is very effective and allows you to create custom AdWords reports that will display all the data you want.

Search for Keywords

4) Google AdWords keyword tool

This Adwords tool is the one that looks for new opportunities for Keywords. There are many hidden features, such as ‘ Filter ‘ and ‘ Show only related ‘ options that allow you to create massive lists of important keywords.


5) Keyword Machine

This tool It will allow you to combine keywords with concatenation. It also has other functions, such as grouping keywords to form groups of Highly relevant ads And an ad creator that integrates with the Google Adwords editor.


6 ) Kombinator

This one allows you to combine three key word columns and create all the different combinations that you can use as keywords within your Adwords account.

It is essential for the users of the ecommerce sector because it can multiply different keywords “root”, like “T-shirts” with colors and sizes to obtain all the possible combinations.


7) Google Trends

In this free AdWords tool you will be able to consult the trends in time and geographically the volume of search of different keywords, and to compared them to other terms, aspect that will allow to evaluate its effectiveness. Also, there is a section that shows the related terms where you can find new keywords.


Search of competitors

8) Spyfu

This one allows you to download the most profitable keywords from your competitors and ads for both payment and organic searches.

In addition, there are lists of potential customers that can be purchased from advertisers ‘ agencies that spend more than a certain amount per month on PPC.

It has a very particular feature: the Kombat tool. This allows you to include three URLS, then see why keywords are bidding and if there are keywords that do not overlap; Which shows an opportunity for its expansion.


9) SEMrush

This tool It’s a powerful, versatile, competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social networks and video advertising research.

The data it provides is indispensable and is the number one with regard to the competitive research of PPC.

At the keyword level, we can introduce our main keyword in your search engine and we will provide your search trends, your volume, your competition LEVEL and the approximate CPC. Also, other suggestions of terms that contain such keyword and related words.

It will also provide us with information about who is competing in AdWords for that keyword, their copies, and even a history of the number of AdWords ads per month.



10) WhatRunsWhere

This one gives you an internal monitoring of the strategies of your competition, which allows you to plan your advertising in a much more efficient way.

Thanks to this you can get information about the complete PPC strategies of the competitors.

From your domain shows your sources of traffic and the locations where your ads are displayed. In addition, it also informs you about what static and animated ads have been seen most frequently and on most websites; Information that you can take advantage of to optimize your campaigns in an exceptional way and improve your advertising of payment.


We hope that this post has been useful to optimize your campaigns in a more efficient way. Now that you know ours… what are your essential PPC tools? Tell us in the comments!


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