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SEM · 25 / 06 / 2015

What is not measured cannot be improved.  This maxim of online marketing that applies to AdWords conversions is deflated when we move from the Internet to real life. Despite the great advances of web analytics platforms, it is complex to know exactly which specific channel or campaign led a user to purchase a product or service if that acquisition did not occur on the web.  And few are the sectors in which the final conversion (sale of a product or service) takes place outside the virtual domains. In the Online Recruitment for universities, for example, the usual conversion represents the submission of an interest form by the user, which we know as lead. Subsequently, a telephone switchboard tracks the lead, until it finally completes its registration-or not. The tools we have online allow us to measure which campaigns are most effective in capturing leads but are they also in terms of registered users? AdWords puts at our disposal a functionality that gives solution to this problem in a practical and simpler way than it could seem. A feature that allows us to track the acquisitions that occur in the real world as a result of our AdWords campaigns, proving advantageous when the final conversions are frequently closed outside the Digital environment.

How does AdWords Offline conversion tracking work?

Every time we click on an AdWords ad, a unique parameter is added to the URL, THE GCLID parameter. This parameter contains information about the keyword, ad group, and campaign that triggered the ad. With this AdWords tool, if the user converts offline, we will be able to return to the AdWords platform the conversion, providing the GCLID to tell us which keyword, ad group and campaign gave rise to the sale.

Technical Requirements

    • Automatic tagging must be enabled. As you are reading this article, I guess you know how this works ????
    • It is necessary to carry out technical implementations so that our system of Lead Management receive the GCLID parameter with which we are going to work.

The AdWords Conversions That are loaded more than 90 days after the last associated click will not be imported, so if your sales cycle is higher than this temporality, this functionality is not useful for you.

How to turn on Offline conversion tracking

1. Create the conversion

You can create one or as many as you need, it’s about naming in a different way to those leads that turned offline. The process is the same as for the creation of a normal conversion, you only have to choose the import type.

marca agencia inbound marketing

Selects import source to track offline conversions

2. Set up your website

We are going to put techies. Yeeeeaahh!! We have to get that when the lead shipment takes place, the GCLID parameter passes to the leads management system. Then I tell you what we do with this ???? for this we store the GCLID in a cookie, and send the parameter in a hidden field of our form. It’s a little complex and you’ll need help from your technicians, here You have the steps to follow from the source.  Fortunately, our prayers have been heard and there are already several CRMs who have help to set up this implementation. Don’t get too excited…

3. Prepare the import file

Now yes, you have to return the parameter CGLID that we have collected in the previous step to the system, so you know which clicks ended in an offline conversion. This is a lifetime Excel (or CSV) that contains the following data. You can download a template on the same website as before.

    • Google Click ID (el GCLID)
    • Conversion Name
    • Conversion Value (optional)
    • Conversion Currency (optional)
    • Conversion Time: it is necessary to note the date on which the inversion occurred.

4. Import your conversions to AdWords

    1. Go to the Tools tab, select Conversions.
    2. Click on “Upload” and load the file.
    3. You will have to give your assent, as this change cannot be undone.

And after 3 hours…

Party starts ¡It is time to see results!

To view your AdWords conversion metrics offline you will have to enable the version name segment. Long ago we discovered that in the custom columns you can also put specific conversion actions, if you like to see the data as well. We confess not to have used this functionality yet, but we are working to get it going in the next few hours… Have you tried it? Tell US!


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