Reasons NOT to hire “any” SEM agency.

The search for an online marketing agency to manage your campaigns Advertising in Adwords, SEM and PPC, is often a big headache for companies.

And it is that, starting in this world a priori so technical and innovative can create some uncertainties. From here, we have gathered a number of reasons why WE DO not hire any AGENCY SEM AND PPC, or else, change your current agency.

They decide for you, for your sake

No, No. The decision-making must always be the client, the agency has to propose scenarios and possible actions to improve the results, but the client is the one who should make the appropriate decisions . A minimum knowledge and understanding of the sector and its Terminology It’s necessary.

Guaranteed Results

Never. They can assure you of effort, motivation and proposals that end in good results, but you can not guarantee results to detail due to the large number of factors that come into play.

“Multitask” or “Here we do everything”

Ideally, your SEM Agency, would be just that, SEM specialist. Because it is a sector in which knowledge is rapid and dynamic, we need specialized professionals, because of their experience and the management of tools that improve the results.


Metrics that say nothing

Some agencies propose improvements in metrics that alone do not say anything and are very biased as: impressions, clicks or CTR. That’s why we can’t forget our main goal, TO SELL, and there’s indicators key For it.

Passivity or lack of feedback

Never. A SEM agency must be proactive and work side by side with the customer. For example, show improvement suggestions without prompting them or changes in active campaigns due to results.

Obscurantism or lack of transparency

The access to all the data and accounts by the client is something fundamental. Besides, the logical thing is that the accounts are the client and simply the management of these is part of the agency.

Low Fees, and very low

To do a good job requires time, knowledge and effort, and none of these three things means: low Fees. Many times, companies negotiate and get this kind of fees in exchange for a very simple service, but this can only be dangerous, because they will not receive the attention and the necessary time.


Once all the agencies that perform these practices are discarded, only deposit your trust in the agency OF SEM chosen to manage your campaigns and to support you in everything necessary so that, working like a department more of the company, arrive The results.

Written by

Marc Salvador

SEM · 16 / 01 / 2018

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