SEO on Youtube: techniques and tips to position your videos

We are in the year of video on the Internet. Of all the trends that users like to consume content on the network, The format of the video is among the favorites.

Despite the good reception that audio content is having, there is still a lot to get to the levels of consumption of the video.

If you want to attract new users to your YouTube channel and give it a little push through the SEO Marketing, stay to read this post and aprence how to position yourself On YouTube as a professional.

We should not forget at any time that YouTube belongs to Google and that gives it certain advantages such as, for example, a greater ease to appear in the top positions above other video platforms. Therefore, our goal is not only the positioning on YouTube, but also on Google.

So, Youtube is the platform Ideal to promote your videos and video marketing campaigns. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to position the contents and channels of this famous social network.

Today I want to show you the best SEO techniques for Youtube. Because in this social network you also have to design your strategies if you want to add followers and appear in the top positions of Google and Youtube itself.

Let's start!

seo on youtube

Youtube SEO, manage your channel as if it were a Web page

You know I To launch an SEO strategy, It means being giving Google the information you want it to understand, so that the search engine positions your content.

This is the same with the Youtube search engine. And why am I talking about both search engines, and not just Youtube? Because The video platform belongs to Google, and both return results to users ' searches.

Therefore, if you apply the SEO techniques on Youtube, you will be much more likely that your channel is well positioned and you can have the expected success.

My advice is that Work The main page of your channel on Youtube as if it were the Home of a Web page. It's like you're transforming your channel's homepage into a Web page.

You think that, as with any website, The Home page will be the one that will receive more organic traffic, Plus a lot of links.

I'm going to tell you Some sections you can optimizeFor your Youtube channel:

  • Channel header: Design a very corporate header. The logo, the slogan of the company and all the details of branding that will make your page a very cozy place for the users.
  • The "more information" section: Make a good copy where the services and/or products of the company are included, and take advantage of the inclusion of the keywords that you want the users to find you.
  • The video presentation:Just below the header, insert a presentation video of your company. Everything must be well explained; What services and/or products the company offers and why users should subscribe.
  • Featured Videos: In this section you must set the Most Viewed videos by users, Because being in that prominent place will continue to receive many visits, as well as include more links to other videos of the channel.

If you're not sure what kind of videos may be set in this section, I advise you to include those who attack the strongest keywords; For example, guides and tutorials are usually part of this type of content.

The positive consequence for your company when you do this on your Youtube page is that the Youtube will automatically suggest playing these videos When the user is watching others you have published.

In this way you will be getting the user to stay longer inside your page. And you know this is very positive.

  • Playlists or playlists: In addition to ordering all the contents of the channel and facilitating the user's browsing, making your own playlists Also It is very positive for the SEO strategy.

On the one hand, the fact of grouping the videos by themes in playlists, helps you to Increase the time a user spends on your channel. Something that Youtube values very positively when it comes to positioning your page.

The playlists are the equivalent of the categories of a Web page. Every time you create one, you have to include a text where you have to describe the content inside it.

Here I advise you to address the target audience of the company, and Leverage to attack some long-tailed keywords. It thinks that the playlists include specific contents of all your channel, and it is easy that they can rankear with this type of keywords.

Also, this is where you can start your SEO on page strategy by creating a good structure of Linkbuilding.

The best SEO techniques on Youtube

When it comes to researching and planning keywords for your Youtube channel, the Choosing the keywords is different from how you usually do it on your company's Web page.

I suggest you do an investigation of your niche and Find the keywords that you have searched on Youtube itself.

Once you have located those keywords with searches on Youtube, you must Check if they also have Google searches. Because it can happen that the keywords that have many searches in Google, do not have them on Youtube, and vice versa.

In case you do not have Google searches do not advise you to work, because you probably never get to position on Google.

This work that seems complex and gives the feeling that you are doubling efforts, has a good reward. Because Google is including more and more Youtube results on its home page.

Therefore, if you find good keywords you will get to capture Organic traffic from Youtube and also from Google.

Then I will show you some tricks to find the keywords on Youtube:

  • The suggestions offered by the Youtube search engine: It works just like the Google search engine itself. You know that this information is very valuable, and will help you find the keywords with which you will manage to position your channel.
  • YTCockpit: I advise you to use this tool to find the keywords of Youtube.
  • Youtube Tags: Here the labels work very well because they help to better identify the subject of the videos.

It is important to know how you can use the tags to get the most out of it. First of all, use Two tags that contain the name of your company and the name of your channel.

Includes some Labels that are already using the videos that appear in the first results That the seeker returns. This information can be obtained quickly with the Chrome extension Tags for Youtube.

It's good that you put the The name of the channels that appear in the first results. By including this type of tags, it is very likely that Youtube includes your video among those related to these with those that are already very well positioned.

I also advise you to include Some of the suggestions offered by the Youtube search engine, as tags in your video. This way, it's easy for you to attract organic traffic.

How to make SEO-optimized videos on Youtube

There are more and more channels on Youtube, and this makes you have to look for specialization almost continuously.

At the time of Prepare your channel videos I advise you to prepare the script by following these Guidelines that will help you better SEO Optimization On Youtube, In addition to loyalty to your followers:

  • The beginning of the video: Users decide if they stay, or not, to watch the video after displaying the first 15 seconds. So, just start the video you have to do three things.

Talk about the problem with your follower. It works very well to ask a question of the type: Do you work all day and do not make ends meet?, for example.

Introduce yourself using a copy that transmits credibility, Authority and knowledge of what you're talking about.

Explain what you're going to talk about in the video. Gives the solution to the initial question, And do it in a forceful way.

  • The structure: Develop everything you've said in the introduction of the video. You have to To bring value and a lot of confidence.Be honest and simple, don't brag that you know a lot because then you'll lose all credibility.
  • The conclusion: Finish the video with a small synthesis of what you have spoken and add a conclusion. The time has come to include a small CTA that mobilizes the user To, for example, leave a comment or go to the company's website.
  • Chat with the User: You have to make the Video is enjoyable and call the user's attention. Be yourself speaking; Even if you have to read a script, do it with your words. It includes questions that invite reflection and be cordial in speaking; Avoid monotony.

Finally, I want to talk about the length of the videos. This is the main factor that Youtube takes into account when it comes to positioning the content.

And it is that, in its eagerness to become the next television, Youtube is positioning the long videos better than the shorts.

Therefore, I advise you to develop a good Strategy of Videomarketing That takes into account all these factors that I have told you in this post today.

In Digital Menta We have a team of experts that will help you to create the best videomarketing campaigns. We design your strategy on Youtube so that your company only appears in the best positioning results.

Optimize your videos to position them on Youtube

In addition to creating quality content, there are a number of key positioning factors that we can optimize by including the keywords obtained in Keyword Research. Some of them are listed below.

  • The title of the videos: it is very important to introduce the main keyword by which we want to position ourselves in the title of the video.
  • Description of the video: It affects more than you imagine, try to put a text of about 400 words with the corresponding keywords and put the links of your social networks associated with the channel.
  • Tags and Categories: The best option as we said before is to look at the competition. Sometimes the category that suggests logic may not be the best. To get out of doubts the best thing is to make a search with the keyword to position and we verify that it is between the first 3, and with respect to the tags we look for them in the search engine (control+F) and we will be able to see the metakeywords used. 
  • Your Youtube files should have the keywords.
  • Add subtitles to your videos, you'll reach a wider audience.
  • Organize the content of your channel, create playlists with the videos classified and distributed according to your content.
  • Make the channel grow, publish frequently to gain relevance on Youtube
  • Pay attention to your audience, read and value all the comments, you can find valuable information. In addition the platform offers several reports in which you can know more information about your audience and know which way to go.

Tell us what you want to get and we'll put it on a platter for you!

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