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SOCIAL ADS · 28 / 11 / 2017

A new phenomenon is emerging in digital marketing and do not want to stay behind, encourage you to start using Instagram stories to connect with your audience in a different way.

The storytelling is being the latest trend in the networks, started in Snapchat and as Instagram joined, quickly did Facebook and WHATSAPP, but it must be said that the network that is succeeding with this trend, in Spain, is Instagram.

Keep in mind that the stories are somewhat transient, last only 24h. Still you also have to have a feed care, so here we leave a link to improve your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

But to take your company to the top through the stories this is what you need to know:

1. Quality

It is useless to publish stories if nobody sees or passes from the story in the first second, you have to take into account the algorithm of Instagram, which orders the stories separately in chronological order, also depending on the feed based on the visualization/interaction of The users, that is to say, the more visualizations have your publications, the more possibilities they have to be visualized in the first positions, so it is essential to create interesting and attractive content.

To make a post attractive you have to tell something, be a story, as your name suggests. The ideal is to create an expectation that will be resolved throughout the story to keep the user hooked to the end.

Give you as data that the videos work better than the photos, so keep that in mind.


2. Win in exclusivity

Stories are a perfect speaker for those special offers or new products. Create fun animations that teach everything that is capable of making your product, it is never bad to give a touch of humor, so do not forget to use some GIF.

3. Backstage

In general, we are very curious and we love to know what is behind our favorite brand, so do not cut yourself, show your followers the ins and outs of your company. Take advantage to have a closer communication.


4. Interact with your followers

There is nothing that the user likes more than giving his opinion, benefit of the new Instagram surveys to get information about what your audience wants, you can find out things such as if they are interested in certain products or what They prefer between two options that you raise. You have thousands of options, so don’t hesitate to use them.

5. Promote Instagram Stories

If you are a company we hope you have configured the company profile to take advantage of all the advantages it offers. With it you can measure the impressions, scopes, interactions and times your post is saved. All this gives you much more information than a simple “I like”. You also have the option to promote a publication and create ads. To do this, you have to have an account Facebook Ads and link it to your Instagram profile. Here are all the steps to start with your ads:

6. Use the location and Hashtags

If you geolocate your history has the possibility of locating in the search engine of the place where you are, which will provide visibility to your content. This tool works in such a way that Instagram collects all the publications of that place and unites them in a single story as if it were an account, which gives you the option to be seen by those people who look for the location. What happens with the hashtags is the same.


If you have any questions about all this we invite you to follow us on Instagram and watch out for our stories, you’ll end up hooked!

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