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Josue Simón

SOCIAL ADS · 18 / 02 / 2016

Are you thinking of venturing into the world of LinkedIn Ads? This network is the ideal channel FOR B2B advertising, if your customers are other businesses you should give this tool a chance. We are going to gut the process in order to create your first ad and your first advertising campaign on the professional network. Let’s start!

What kind of ads can we do on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn gives us the ability to do two different kinds of ads that pursue different goals. On the one hand we find the Sponsored updates, appear on the “Timeline” of the target user and serve to promote content on our company page. On the other hand we have proper Text ads , in the purest Adwords style.

2 types of ads available on LinkedIn

Step 1: Choose from the 2 types of ads on LinkedIn

In this article we are going to focus on the second of these, the text ads.

To create this type of ads we do not need to have a LinkedIn company page, we can do it from our own profile. The ads are formed by a small image And a headline and a text of 25 and 75 characters respectively. The traffic coming from the click of the ad we can direct it to a Landing page designed for conversion (Just like we do in AdWords) or we can send it to our LinkedIn page if we have it. If your goal is results marketing, Digital Menta We will always recommend you to opt for the landing.

Steps to create my first text ad campaign on LinkedIn

1 – We start

Enter the Campaign Manager From LinkedIn Ads and choose the option to create a Text ad.

2 – Enter the name and language of your first campaign.

Name and language of the first advertising campaign on LinkedIn

Step 2: Enter the name and language of your first ad campaign on LinkedIn

3 – Choose the landing page

Choose the destination page for your ads and create your first ad. In this same page you will have a preview of the advertisement in the Different locations.

Tip: Create an ad that encourages the user to continue reading. Create a headline that engages, for example, with a question of interest, offering your value or exhorting the reader. Don’t forget to add the image (according to LinkedIn the ads with images receive up to 20% more CICS). Adds a call to action in the text to encourage users to click the ad.

First commercial on LinkedIn

Step 3: Create your first ad

4 – Testea and experiment with your target audience

Make replicas of the ad with different variations to test which ad works best for your target audience. You can create up to 15 different ads per campaign.

Tip: Make a A/B Testing Newspaper with the ads. That is, it creates 2 or 3 variants of the ad to compare its performance. Choose the winning ad after a period of time and pause the others. The winning announcement will be the one with the highest CTR (or the announcement with more conversions, if you track conversions with Google analytics). Keep testing, making variations on the winning ad to keep improving your results.

Improve advertising performance on LinkedIn with A/B testing

Step 4: Test your ads for higher performance of your LinkedIn ads

5 – Target to target your ads to your target audience.

First (and required) you have to choose one or more geographic locations. LinkedIn offers us the possibility to do so by including and excluding territories at different levels such as continents, countries or minor regions. Then we can continue to segment through The different criteria that the network offers us. Remember that the minimum size of the audience is 1,000 users.

Tip: If your target audience is small or you don’t know what segmentation criteria to use to expand it you can enable Public expansion. This option looks for public with attributes similar to your target audience. For example, if your campaign is aimed at members with “online advertising” skills, the campaign might also show members with “interactive Marketing” skills.

Step 5: Segment your LinkedIn advertising

Step 5: Segment your ads on LinkedIn

6 – Selection of bid and budget methods

In this step we will have to select our preferred bidding method , as well as the announcement bid and the daily budget. As our goal is to get you to click on the ad as many users as possible, our recommended bid method is the CPC.

To define our bid, we have to enter the amount we are willing to pay for a click on the ad. Depending on the demand of our audience, our CPC may be less than our bid. By way of showing us a range of indicative bids with which other advertisers are bidding. It is important to remember that the minimum bid is at €2.00. When defining our daily budget, we must also bear in mind that the minimum budget is 10 €/day.

Step 6: Choose how you will bid for your LinkedIn advertising

Step 6: Choose how you’re going to bid to appear on LinkedIn

In this step we can also schedule a start and end date for the campaign. However, we will not be able to choose the time since, for the moment, it is not possible yet to schedule the publication schedule of the ads.

7 – Add your payment method

Finally we only have to add our payment method (credit or debit card) and, if we have it, a promotional code. It should be noted that, unlike AdWords, where billing is made at the account level; On LinkedIn is billed at campaign level.

With that we will have our first ad campaign ready On LinkedIn. Have you decided to create yours? In Digital Menta We want to know how your experience has been.

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