Facebook Ads is presented as the advertising system of Facebook, through which it is possible to promote companies and products in this social network and on Instagram. This tool serves both to promote a post published organically from a FanPage, and to create ads on the platform itself. Facebook Ads provides visibility to our company, ensuring its growth and closer relations with our customers.

This is the main objective of our expert team in Social Paid. In Digital Menta we design each Facebook Ads strategy in a personalized way, taking into account the requirements of each client. We analyze each situation individually, in order to ensure success and good performance in the Facebook strategy.

How do we carry out our methodology? The first thing we analyze is the company and its buyer person. The objectives that the client wants to achieve are the key point through which we begin to build our strategy; After an analysis of the situation of this, we went on to design a prototype of your buyer person.

We believe that it is important that our objectives are aligned with our clients, therefore we set objectives together. The client tells us what he wants, and we take care of it.

Once we have clear the results we want to achieve, we build the strategy to carry out, based on the experience and knowledge of the sector of our team of professionals. After the strategic part, the operative part comes; We carry out the actions and campaigns established in our digital marketing plan.

At Digital Menta we know that the monitoring and optimization of our campaigns are key to the continuous improvement and growth of each of our clients. Therefore we extract and analyze the data of each of our actions. This allows us to ensure the success of our customers.

Engagement and closeness

One of the great possibilities offered by Facebook is to be able to reach your users in a simple way; listen to their needs and create lasting relationships that will have a positive impact on the future.

Get more visibility

Your Facebook FanPage is only visible by 3% of all your followers. Facebook Ads allows us to promote relevant content for our buyer persona.

Greater reach of users

It is the largest social network, since it has more than 2200 million users.

Cheaper advertising

You do not need a high budget to start investing in Facebook Ads. It is one of the most economically profitable platforms, if we compare it with others such as LinkedIn.


In the Digital world everything can be measured, in the case of Facebook it would not be less and with the data of its own tool and some external ones, we extract all the data.

Knowing your buyer persona

Facebook Ads allows us to analyze what kind of interests our buyer has, as well as relevant data about our audience for future optimizations.

How to advertise on Facebook Ads?

Just by having a Facebook Page and an account for companies in Facebook Business, you can advertise in this social network.

Do I need a big budget to start my investment?

You do not need a bug budget to start your Facebook strategy, in fact one of the great advantages of Facebook is that the necessary investment can be easily adapted to the needs of each client.

Does Facebook Ads reinforce the brand image?

Yes, the reach of Facebook Ads is huge, so brands do not miss this opportunity to be able to impact much more.

What segmentation allows Facebook Ads to do?

We can choose who we want to reach with our ads, which allows us a considerable budget savings, and a great possibility of personalization.

What tools do you use?

We use the best tools on the market to improve our campaigns and get the best results.

What is Facebook Ads For?

Advertising on Facebook Ads has many benefits, such as generating brand awareness, selling products on Facebook or having a wider range of publications. There are endless possibilities. In addition, you can choose what kind of campaigns you can perform, according to your priorities. You can focus on improving your brand image, or on increasing your sales through this channel.

How much is Facebook Advertising worth?

It depends on your situation, the investment you want to make and the objectives that are pursued.

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