85% of Internet users between 16 and 65 years old use social networks. And of these, an 87% uses Facebook. If we translate this percentage into total numbers, it would mean approximately 22.2 million of users. An insignificant figure that is making brands want to place their Facebook Campaigns.

But beyond the scope offered by Facebook, this network is very valuable for brands for two reasons mainly.

First, because of the multiple segmentation options that offers us to impact to the users that are more valuable for our brand or to leave out to those that are not so much. In this way, we can create campaigns that are very focused on performance and the obtaining of quantifiable leads or sales and with a profitability objective.

Second, for the richness of formats and advertising locations of The Facebook ad network, which extends from various locations within the social network itself, through the network of websites and Applications partners Facebook, to other networks Social as Instagram. All of this can be managed in a unified way from your Facebook Business Manager tool.

Facebook allows us to segment our ads by countless criteria: geographically, demographically (age and sex), by language, or by specific interests of the users you want to impact.

But in addition to these basic options of segmentation, Facebook allows us to remarket users who have already visited our website, or who have interacted with our content, or have viewed a percentage of our videos.

This allows us to accompany the user since he knows us until he finally decides to become our client.

If we have our own database, Facebook is also able to show our campaigns to users who have a behavior in networks very similar to our current customers.

This is a very effective way to grow our business by maximizing the success rate of our campaign Facebook Marketing.

Great Audience

Facebook has an active market of more than 2 trillion users, so it is easy to segment to impact your ideal audience.

Multiple Segmentation

Multiple segmentation options. Facebook has a wide range of possibilities to make a segmentation as appropriate to your needs.

Performance Ads

Performance-oriented Ads. There are Facebook Campaigns that allow you to be performance-oriented, this means, you only pay for the results obtained.

Lead, Sale and return

Lead Objectives, sale or return of the investment. As a global platform, Facebook Campaigns allow you to create different campaigns based on your goals.


Thanks to Facebook Business Manager, we can measure all our campaigns in real time and analyze the final results.


The options to expand the Facebook Campaigns are multiple, if a campaign works, it is very normal to want to scale it and increase the investment.

Does Facebook conform to my business goals?

Yes, the campaigns of Facebook Ads can adapt to your business objectives, whether this is to get a certain volume of traffic to your store (both physical and online), as if it is to get a certain number of sales, a specific sales cost, or a return of the minimum investment. Whatever Business or sector you operate in, it is always interesting to assess the use of Facebook Business.

When do I know I have to do Facebook Campaigns?

Once you have the objectives of your Facebook Campaigns clear, it’s time to move into action. If you don’t have them clear, we as Digital Menta, can help you define them. If you already know them, it is time to capture these in a campaign or campaigns structure that will support you in your overall strategy.

How can I control the investment of my Facebook campaigns?

You decide what the maximum investment for each advertising action is, although we can help you decide which investment is recommended for each specific action.

How do I know my goals are being fulfilled?

The Facebook platform allows us to measure the results of your campaigns thanks to the implementation of a pixel on your website that follows the activity of the user from the social network until the end of their journey on your website. At Digital Menta we can help you to configure this Pixel through tag managers like Google Tag Manager.

How to manage Facebook Campaigns

Through advertising campaigns, Facebook allows us to create advertisements with different objectives and assign Them a budget and a certain duration. With this we can create advertising content integrated within the social network with the Look and Feel of the platform and with the advertising message oriented to the appropriate users.

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