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SOCIAL ADS · 12 / 12 / 2017

How to create a campaign to convert? We are accustomed to hear “I have created a Campaign on Facebook and I’ve got a lot of followers”, but if we stop and think, how many of those followers are your potential customers? Probably, a high percentage of these new FANS leave the page in the short term. NOT everything is worth and not to have a greater volume of followers that the competition we are doing better, what really gives us value are those followers who are interested in our products or services and, even, they will recommend us and will increase proportionately our engagement rate.

The interesting thing is that Facebook allows us to create different campaigns according to our goals, so we can get much more than followers… we can get sales in our online store or that our audience will download an application! If you want to know how, read on!

How to create a Facebook campaign

To start a campaign on Facebook, the first thing we need to know is the structure of the Ad Manager.

When we enter “Create AD”, the page that we get is the one we see in the image. In the column on the left, we see the process that we must follow to carry out a campaign:

campañas de facebook que convierten

The first thing we need to define is what our marketing goal is. We observe 3 types of objectives:

1. Recognition

  • Brand Recognition: Are those Facebook ads focused on reaching people with more interest in your product or service.
  • Scope: Facebook shows your ad to the greatest number of people you have selected through the segmentation, to get a greater reach.

2. Consideration

  • Traffic: Direct people to your website, application or a Messenger conversation.
  • Interaction: With this objective you will be able to promote publications, promote your page or increase the number of responses to an event that you have created.
  • Downloading applications: It directs people to a page from which they can download/buy an application.
  • Video Reproductions: Boost your brand recognition through videos that tell stories, show emotions or launch a new product or line.
  • Generation of potential clients: This goal allows you to collect information from potential customers such as email that you can use to send a campaign E-mail marketing.

3. Conversion

  • Conversions: Focus on people performing an action on your site, such as buying a product or filling out a form.
  • Product Catalog Sales: Show the products in your catalog to your target audience.
  • Business Visits: It promotes several locations of the company among people who are in an approximate radius.

Each target has particular characteristics. Some allow you to make ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, others, only on Facebook. Therefore, we encourage you to enter each objective and discover the particularities of each one.

Imagine that we chose the target of brand recognition: scope. We move on to the next step!

Define your audience, locations, budget and calendar

Public: We select the place, sex, age, language, segmentation by demographic data, connection and interests and behaviors.

We recommend you save the public because if you really think it works, you can use it in similar campaigns you are going to perform for a particular client, so you will not have to create it from the start.

Locations: By default, Facebook recommends using the automatic locations, showing your ad in places most likely to have more interaction or performance.

However, in this article we are not going to opt for the predefined, and we encourage you to select the locations that you consider most appropriate for your campaign manually.

If you choose “Edit Locations”, you can see all the options available for the target you have selected. In this case, it shows you the options for “brand recognition – scope”.

Within this section, the first step is to define the types of devices: all or just mobile. Then it shows you the different platforms where you can post your ad.

campañas de facebook que convierten

Combining your ads on Facebook with Instagram can be a very successful decision if you have powerful graphic material

The next step, budget and calendar. It is common not to know what daily budget to put and you will wonder what performance will have the ads if I put one amount or another. The best option to identify the right budget is to activate a campaign and see how it works, so you can go optimizándola and even if our campaign has several sets of ads, you can assess which works best and disable those have lower performance.

On the other hand, to help you in this aspect, Facebook shows you the scope and the approximate interaction once you have established the budget and timing.

campañas de facebook que convierten

AD: Format and creativity

Now is the time to choose the format of the ad.

campañas de facebook que convierten

And as a novelty, a year ago Facebook launched a very powerful tool to locate ads on mobile devices: Facebook CANVAS. Now, much more defined, it allows to use different templates designed according to your objective, that can help you for a start or, you can create your own communication from the beginning customizing to your liking. You can add images, videos and texts to the full screen with an important visual appeal.

When you have already selected the AD format and incorporated the texts and images, the last step comes,The pixel of Facebook!

Don’t forget to track. To do this, you have to insert a code that provides Facebook on your website, so if for example you are conducting a traffic campaign to your website focused on selling, you will know how many conversions you have obtained with the ads.

And once you’ve done all the steps, it’s time to click on continue and wait for Facebook to approve your ads.

Some considerations

  • Facebook allows you to create A/B Tests In some types of ads, this will help you optimize your campaigns. Try them!
  • Facebook may take a period of 24 working hours to approve your ads.
  • Humanize your ads. If you’re going to run a product launch campaign, it shows its use with people, not just the product. It is shown that those ads that reflect real life with people have a higher CTR.
  • Be creative. Capture the attention of your audience with an image. If the image incorporates text, remember that it cannot exceed 20% of the total space.
  • Create ads with high-resolution quality images, you can even use applications to improve lighting and put filters.
  • If you have a nice story to tell, use the ads by sequence. Through the various photos of the sequence, you will be able to captivate your audience with a beautiful story.

Cheer up, create your campaign and tell us the result!

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