Responsive Design: what is it and what are its advantages?

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Paloma García

UX · 18 / 04 / 2019

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos In the past year 2018, the 43% of Spanish people use the mobile to make purchases online.You’re probably in that percentage too. And the tendency in the use of devices is changing as society advances.

Today the desktop is running for professional use, while Consumers use tablets, smartphones or any other device to surf the net.

Despite the revealing fact of this survey, More than half of Spanish companies do not have optimized their websites With a responsive web design. It is certainly an alarming fact that requires an immediate set-up of the situation.

Today I come to talk to you about the Responsive web Design, I want to Explain what it means This concept And why it’s so important That the web of your company is created with this design pattern.


What is responsive web design?

Responsive or adaptive web design is a Web Design Technique Whose objective is in the Adaptive capacity Of all the elements of a Web page, To the size of the screen Where it’s being visualized. That is to say, through a series of patterns defined by the designer, The user will be able to view the Web from any type of screen. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to navigate vertically or horizontally on your tablet, for example. Or if you choose your smartphone, or even the 55 “screen of your smart TV. On all these screens You will enjoy a pleasant user experience, Because you won’t find any difficulty when it comes to surfing the web.

You must know the Difference between responsive web design and mobile web design, Since it is not the same and there are people who confuse it.

The web Design Responsive results in a website that adapts to any device Surf the internet and access it. However, the Mobile Web design takes a specific job for this type of device, Where the contents and all its elements are adapted for the optimal performance in a smartphone. But only on a mobile phone.

It is clear that when you choose to stay with a web responsive because this way, You will reach any user That is connected from any type of device.

6 reasons why your company’s website should be responsive

Maybe you’re thinking about why this article, which seems more suitable for a web designer than for you. I want to share with you 6 weight reasons that will help you understand why this concept is so important, That rather looks like something exclusive to programmers and designers. And, as you well know, the main goal of any company is to increase the volume of customers and sales.

If your company’s Web page is optimized with responsive design, the direct consequence is a User experience that will help to accomplish that goal successfully.

But let’s see What are those 6 reasonsThat I have commented above:

  • You will improve your branding

You know the first impression is the one left. When a user visits your company’s website, so It only takes seven seconds to decide if it’s Inside, or not.

If you find Difficult to navigate the web, Or you have to scroll to read the content on your smartphone’s screen, I’m sure he’s going to leave. And probably never come back. However A Responsive design Web page gives the feeling of being a careful site and studied. In short, a cozy place to stay and begin to enjoy all its content.

You know the competition is brutal. And users don’t always choose the most economical site. They also stay for the connection and the Tranquility that transmits your website.

  • Optimize the web improving search engine positioning

You know the whims of Google and those changes of algorithm that does from time to time.

Last year 2015, the Internet giant announced its intention to Penalize all those webs that were not optimized For a correct view from the mobile. Keep in mind that if you don’t have your website with responsive design You’re getting worse. Google SEO. Every time a user looks for you will find more difficulties to find you. And this translates into an important loss of organic traffic, which negatively affect In all your marketing and sales objectives.

  • You are responding to what users demand

Remember what I told you at the beginning of this article, that 42% of Spaniards who buy through their mobiles. In our country, they are already More than 27 million People who have totally Integrated smartphone usage in your daily life.One of every two users consulted in the first five minutes, just getting up in the morning. And three out of ten Internet users check their cell phone every ten minutes.

The website of your company has to be available for what they demand Users. If you do not have a responsive web design, if your potential customers cannot access from their mobiles as easily as they can from other devices, they will go to your competition.

  • Responsive web Design improves user experience 

AND This is a very positive thing for your company, in every way. If a user stays longer on the website, and feels comfortable in addition to enjoying the visit, he has many likely to become a customer.No doubt, great news.

As Google Think Insights, the probability of converting a user into a company’s client is directly related to their user experience. If you are feeling at ease, the Possibility of converting is 67%.

  • You save a lot of worries

A responsive advantage that has a lot of weight and will give you a lot of tranquility, is that It does not matter the evolution that the technology of the mobile devices lives From now on. If tomorrow a manufacturer takes out a phablet of 7.5, “for example, it will not cause any concern to you, because You will continue to offer the best user experience Through the website, also in such devices.

  • You get more complete analytics

Every time you do a monitoring to analyze the different KPI, the responsive will make this work much easier. You will see All reports on one page That allows you to compare and contrast what is working, and what is not, on the different devices. This way you can Making Better Decisions In terms of content distribution, in order to further increase the user experience.

Still think responsive web design isn’t for you?

As you can see, The advantages of having a responsive web design On the website of your company go far beyond a concept that may seem more typical of graphic designers.

Your company is probably not among that 50% of Spanish companies, who have not yet implemented this design pattern on their websites. However, I invite you to take a look and Take advantage of the many benefits That gives you this methodology.

Today You must pay close attention to all the details that make up the result of your company’s website. You better than anyone know your competition; And you know how easy it is for a surfer to change their favorite Web pages.

Make use of this methodology and you will be getting even better the results of your company. Make it easy to internet users and you’ll earn customers!

Paloma García

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