In Digital Menta Our main goal is to be one of the best SEM Agencies in the Spanish territory, we do not like the current, the established, we want to go a step further with the service and communication offered to the customer. Digital Menta is synonymous with doing good marketing, working with love, doing things as before to be one of the references as a PPC Agency.

To do this, we work with more than 30 million euros of advertising investment, which is managed by the best human capital made up of more than 30 professionals dedicated to performance marketing.

In addition, and as it could not be otherwise, to support a unique team, we have the best tools to optimize our campaigns, which makes us one of the best SEM agencies in results. Some of the tools we use are Kenshoo, Semrush, Ahrefs, Google’s Keyword planner and many others.

As a multi-functional SEM agency, we have different departments to implement the campaigns and develop the strategy that will lead you to success.

We are a SEM Agency that likes the methodology, things well done, with pleasure and affection, for this reason, we use a methodology to maximize our campaigns.

Sector/client/Market analysis. One of the most important points for the realization of any optimal strategy and to define the objectives according to the needs, is the realization of a thorough analysis. But not only and exclusively of the client itself, but also of the market and the sector to which our campaigns are targeted.

Definition of objectives. Having the first clear point, this second will be much simpler, because the objectives will be according to our possibilities and will be configured based on the SMART methodology.

Keyword research / Search for opportunities. At this point, we conducted an exhaustive search for keywords, which will serve as building blocks for the new strategy. In addition, they offer a wide vision that will allow us to get opportunities for new keywords or new PPC campaigns.

Strategy and channel selection. The strategy is the storyline that unifies all the tactics that we will put on the table. In this way, we will select all the channels to obtain the best results in each one of the campaigns.

Campaign launch. It’s time to get started with Google Ads, to start the daily activity, to supervise, optimize and take care of the smallest detail of each of our campaigns. Extracting the essence of each campaign is one of our priorities as SEM Agency.

Performance tracking. In order to improve the optimization of the campaigns, our SEM experts are constantly controlling that the Google Ads that we launch obtain the best of the profitability.

Optimization. One of the keys to be a good SEM Agency or PPC, is the optimization of campaigns, we must improve continuously to achieve the desired results and improve them.

Reporting. We want our customers to have all the data up to date, updated and in real time. Therefore, we have detailed information for each of the accounts at your disposal.

Greater Range

By generating payment campaigns on Google, you significantly amplify the scope of the campaigns.

Short-term Results

The payment campaigns are characterized by a curve much more decisive than those of SEO, which need more time to cook.

Real potential customers

By targeting relevant keywords, users looking for these terms are more predisposed to purchase.

Brand awareness

Lead Objectives, sale or return of the investment. As a global platform, Facebook Campaigns allow you to create different campaigns based on your goals.

Generate interested users

As they focus on a very specific type of buyer with a willingness to buy, the conversion is much higher.

Increase Sales

A large part of the SEM campaigns are focused on sales and therefore the increase in sales considerable.

Why a SEM Agency?

With a good SEM strategy and an agency that manages it, you can get very fast and surprising results.

What tools do you use as a SEM/PPC agency?

To obtain the results requested by our customers, we use various tools such as: Kenshoo, Semrush, BidBalance, Ahrefs, Sistrix, Majestic, Keywordtool, Data Studio, among others.

When do I know what I need to hire a SEM agency?

The implementation of a SEM strategy is not depending on the size of your company or the phase it’s in, our recommendation is to analyze what benefits could bring to your needs.

How much does this service cost?

It depends on your situation and the objectives to be set. What we can always assure is that we are clear and transparent.

Susana Argudo

SEM · 16 / 01 / 2020

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